Competitive Vs Cooperative Anime Blogging

Two sides of the same coin that might not be so different. If done in the appropriate manner that is.

I never given it much thought, but I now realize that there are exceptional people out there with the same interest in Anime and all things relating to visual subculture of the East as I do. Starting a blog, a so-called “Anime Blog” is living and breathing proof of that fact and acts as an extension to express that love. It is only natural that like minds will find each other, speak amongst themselves, and enjoy interacting with each other. That is one side of “Anime Blogging”, the cooperative half, one that is both beneficial and useful for being able to make a connective community. However, when it comes down to the mad scramble for pages views/viewers, comments, and otherwise; the competitive half, does it actually contribute to the community or is it just pure narcissistic pride? Is it helpful or necessary?

To be clear, I have nothing against competition, since if done right, beneficial effects are yielded from it. However, do note I mentioned “if done right” only does that happen and often times that is not the case. From past experience and a more recent reading only serves to remind me of how petty (if not ambitious) some individuals can be, but for the exact reason is the key question. The pettiness I speak of was aforementioned: page views, attention, and whatever ego enchantments might come with it. What exactly is the point? If anything, flaunting that type of achievement profusely only draws in ire and hate from others and does not make the person in question look any better. Honestly, for myself, that is all I thought competitive Anime blogging had going for it in the most possible negative terms, but that must not be the case always, right? Can there be true helpful competition?

Competition tends to have a negative connotation naturally, since it always implies that there must be “winners” and “losers”, but in all reality that is a complete fallacy.  For example: Your friend challenges you to a “Hotdog Eating Contest”, where you must more than he/she. There is not guarantee you can eat “XX” number of hotdogs, so you are trying to; which actually is forcing “yourself” to stomach it all. So actually, you are in competition against yourself and your own limits and that is what I mean about helpful competition. Instead of dueling it out over interesting post for more readers, you also changelle one to watch series “XX”, a series that otherwise the other person would not watch or even who can find the most interesting series and having others vote on the choices. Anything like that is what I call wholesome and encouraged competition, true competition, since both individuals benefit from it and it is less adversarial.

Of course, most people would disagree with what I stated above, writing it off as self-righteous, ridiculous poppycock – but truly when looking at competition the other way, there is no real benefit and only another fragile rule broken that can send a blog and blogger straight to the dead zone quicker. Cooperative blogging can be just as fun and rewarding and not that far from the competitive side. I have never been one for group work, projects, or collaborations – and still today have trouble with it. However, for the times that I have participated in ones of the blog variety, I must admit it is a very unique and satisfying feeling being able to be part of something bigger than yourself and also doing it with like-minded people you can speak candidly with. Whenever someone even thinks of me enough to allow me to participate in whatever joint event, it makes blogging slightly more enjoyable and less isolated. I feel as if I belong and actually valued for an opinion that I might hold and in kind, I can read from others with different viewpoints. To me, this aspect of blogging in the cooperative sense is the best available; free from the lofty pursuit of elevating one’s ego and simply just to enjoy each others company and foster conversation. That is the kind of cooperative Anime blog I dream of running and community I want to be part of.

Maybe in a myriad of ways, Competitive blogging and Cooperative are not so different; if done properly. I think it is far more pleasing than doing it out of the narcissistic and malicious fashions; as well as adding to how long your own blog will be around. It might also contribute to how long you will be interested in Anime too. Some of the reasons behind my “Project Revitalize” was to both be competitive; to find new Anime Blogs, but also introduce them into a larger community to foster friendship and help them stay alive. Being cooperative like a true community should. It is an admirable, weird, and tough goal, but one I still want to make happen. Yet, as naive and optimistic I wish to be, my cynical outlook tells me that such will never be. However, for those reading, might there be Competition in a nature other than  I mentioned that lacks adversarial and egoist swagger or is Cooperative simply better? Are they the same or totally different? Which do you engage in if any? Maybe it really does not matter all that much, but does weigh greatly on my mind.

57 thoughts on “Competitive Vs Cooperative Anime Blogging

  1. “Instead of dueling it out over interesting post for more readers, you also changelle one to watch series “XX”, a series that otherwise the other person would not watch”

    I really don’t think that is right, while I don’t compete with other bloggers (pointless to do), I do write to get read (like anyone I suppose) and have fun at the same time! I don’t cover series that I deeply hate exactly for that reason, it’s just an hobby and I want to have fun. 😛

    • Well, I was just making the point that not everything has to be a serious undertaking for some people. It is not worth it trying to compete over something as trivial as pageviews or comments, since it eventual burn out. The readers come on their own or they do not – no reason to rub it in someone elses face. Also having fun is important as well.

      • I agree with you with the burnouts! You need to keep having fun otherwise everything will just fall apart. 🙂
        I also agree a bit with Marth though, being continuously motivated is also good way to continue doing something. In his case is competition and improving himself, other peoples can have other reasons…:)

        • Fun is the only reason amongst the others why I do this. I do not have much of a motivation otherwise for the site (expect what I indeed to do), so yeah, fun is my only anchor 🙂

    • I’ll admit it, I was one of those guys who was jealous of feal87’s success and when he mentioned his 1 million view accomplishment in less than a year, I pondered where I was going wrong. Then yesterday, something hit me. Yes, I still write posts for them to be read but I forgot why I did it in the first place. Ode to Vampire Queens and the 2nd Symphogear episode roundup refreshed my memory. It helped not only reignite my creative spark but also bring the fun back to my writing. You cannot believe how much I was enjoying myself writing those 2 specific posts.

      • Exactly. Why be jealous? All you have to do is put your own efforts to good use. Blogging is not exactly a competition. When you apart of the community it easy to connect with others, but only you can determine how you measure sucess and the end result.

  2. I understand that being super snotty about competition is annoying, but I never see the problem with maybe getting into a competitive mentality. Like I see other people with more comments or more pageviews (feal), and I react by working to improve my content or looking for new approaches to site and stuff. I don’t really see the problem with that…competition is like a big motivator for me a lot of the time.

    • Must be only the way I think of it then, but that is a very excellent way to see the subject. I never do look at it in the motivator category that much, since people are usually adversarial about well…anything. But yes, looking for way to improve content and the methods in which to achieve it is certainly positive aspect.

      • Maybe I’m too competitive in nature, but if I look at something and just think “It’s just a hobby”, then it gets dropped pretty quick. If I look at it more competitively, it’s more likely that I’ll stick with it. That’s how I got into speed solving the Rubik’s Cube. If it was a hobby, I would’ve just stopped when I’d solved it a few times.

        • Interesting. I guess my definition of hobby is slightly different. A hobby for me is something I enjoy akin to this and I tend to enjoy all my hobbies – regardless if do not feel like doing them so often. But I do see what you are saying which is very valid and sound. It is more interesting to be competitive. I guess I have more casual way of viewing it.

    • I’d agree with marth on this one that I think to say that we aren’t all competitive in some form (whether its to better ourselves or perhaps set targets as we aspire to “catch up” to others) would be slightly dishonest. Whilst comparing views and getting all flustered because someone has 1,000,000 views and you have 50,000 would be silly, I see nothing wrong with thinking “hmm how could I improve/draw more people in”. I think part of blogging is also wanting to be in a community, generally when people get views they also get comments and a community forms. If blogging had no community except just page views, no one would bother. So I think competition even comes into the whole community aspect.

      • True, but I would not say that I am competitive just out of spite like few individuals are. It is a waste of energy to me to be spiteful and if you do not like what you are doing and doing it just because you want “whatever” it more like you are setting yourself up to fail. I would never have started my blog over to improve myself If I was worried about page views or something. I still be at my old site cunning out worthless post. At least with ones like this, I am generate discussion and ones at least where I get see different peoples points of views like you. For me, that is all I ask, however, I do respect and agree with what you are getting at.

  3. Also, I noticed you posted many pictures of Tiga and Bunneh, so I’m assuming you enjoyed that show. I really should watch and review it because I’ve been delaying for far too long.

    • I stopped my usually “yes” or “no” answers until I review myself, but you looking for something else to watch with different spin on the concept of heroes and the seinen genre: Worth giving it a shot ^^

  4. When people were sharing thier year end sucesses over Twitter, and feal came out and said he had a million hits, I was like “…what?”. It’s a complete order of magnitude over mine. But it doesn’t worry me too deeply. He’s a good writer and does lots of stuff right. You can’t control what other people do, only what you do. Sure I look at my pageviews regularly, but its more o a metric of how well my recent topics are received. I blog for myself, and I like interacting with other anibloggers. They are really cool people. 🙂

    • Should not worry anyone if you like what you doing and look at this is like Feal “Just a hobby”. You are right, he is a good writer, but that does not mean you are not. Everyone hits their stride at different points and usually it is not all about producing good post, but ones that draw interest. It is a good thing to be able to interact with others, so along as we do everything will be adversarial and eventually will it matter; if you are having fun doing.

  5. I dont see why blogging is a competition, and it shouldnt be!

    I hope people dont have that mind set or else it really differentiate the real meaning of Blogging and being part of a community.

    • My sentiments exactly. Going at your pace and having fun is the essentially part of it. If you meet your own expectations and set news yourself, the success will come on its own.

  6. Oh hey look that’s my post. I was never expecting it to trigger so much feedback.

    I’m pretty lazy when it comes to competition so I’m not one to start one or ever join one. I’ve been thinking outside the box lately coming up with new post ideas and website design. I enjoy doing this so I still see blogging as a great way to meet people and not a chore.

    I think competing with Feal’s 1,000,000 is suicide as he is also an image blog/wallpaper blog which I imagine brings in a lot of views. It sets a good goal to try and achieve but in all honesty just getting one comment on a post feels like an achievement for me at this stage.

    • It was very a good post. Just thought I expanded it a little more in my opinion.

      I am not lazy per say, I just do not want to engage in it and do my own thing. Easier to come up ideas and post when you are not trying to win an “arms race” with someone else. I just want to write about semi interesting topics and generate a little discussion to see what other thinks and hope they enjoy it. Nothing more.

      Agreed, lol. If anything it something to aspire to and not necessarily be ire some over.

      • Thanks. My thoughts are often short and quickly replaced with more up to date stuff so It’s good you expanded on it.

        If a decent conversation is generated what more can you ask for. This post seems to have been successful so that’s something to be happy about.

  7. @tsurugiarashix

    It wouldn’t let me reply so I just post down here.

    Oh I agree with everything you’re saying, for the most part, I was content just reading blogs until about a week and a bit ago where I decided I’d make a blog. But just because of how I like doing things, I’d go all out on it, customise it and take pride in it. In this sense I’m “competing” but I’m not really fighting against anyone, if you see what I mean. I still like to blog and if I don’t feel like blogging, I wont bother. I’m not one to force myself to do something I don’t want to just because I am not as popular as others who are doing the same thing – I’d agree, that is setting yourself up to burn and crash. So I guess this is just a long winded way of me saying, I agree: blogging should be about enjoying what you do and taking pride in what you have as opposed to looking at others in spite, however, I wouldn’t say that enjoying something and doing something in a bit of a motivational/competitional manner are mutually exclusive. You can enjoy something and compete – this is just what I think, I don’t actually compete much though. If I did it would be depressing as I just started and there are already a huge wealth of much more popular blogs. But I can understand some peopel like marth who enjoy the competitive side. However, if you start to groan at the thought of blogging, you know you’ve gone too far into comparing yourself. Just my (long) 2 cents anyway 🙂

    Nice blog btw, can’t believe I’ve just found it.

    • (It is a wordpress thing, lol.)

      That is very valid, Gintokiro. Although, I would say their is nothing wrong with taking pride in your work, if anything that makes you more attached if you love doing it. On the on hand as you say, that is still is form of competition. I just think it is worth for some people that can not handle competition just to see in another way instead of setting themselves to fail or use their aggression in negative fashion. There are just different ways to dealing with things is what I want to say, lol.

      (Thank you. Already subscribed to yours and thanks for joining in the conversation. Definitely is making me think more critically on the subject)

      • A really annoying wordpress thing lol

        But yea, I’m just playing devils advocate, since everyone was saying competition is bad, I thought I’d give the pros of the other side. Here is where my debater idiosyncrasies play up aha. I’m of your opinion for the most part.

        No problem, I was just wandering around and found this, good topic man. =]

  8. I always liked the more cooperative side of blogging. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to get together with other people who like the same things you do, and blogging is no exception.

    • I am also like that one. People usually do like spending time with common interest, but not a requirement. Although, it is more easier to enjoy their company.

  9. Hmmm I agree. I’m not a really competitive person in nature. What’s more, I never thought I would be using my blog the way I did now. At first, I only thought to use my blog just to show around my figures, lol. Ultimately, I’m still the casual blogger you all see here. I don’t feel any competitions at all even after witnessing insane activities on blogs from Yi, nopy, feal and so on. I just blog whatever I feel like at the moment, I think if I did this with a more calm and relaxed mentality, I could even get more views and comments too. Ironically, most of my reviews and some other posts which require more time and efforts, didn’t get as much comments as those posts which I simply made in a half-assed manner.

    • I share the same sentiments. Just doing whatever I want to do on my own terms. Everything in generally takes more time for me, I find reviews especially changeling, but makes it fun trying to create both a satisfying one yet also one that will want people want to watch it or not based on what you write. Eventually, people will come and read them.

  10. I think competition is generally a good thing so long as it does not create any negativity or discourage anyone. Competition can help generate new enthusiasm and help break people out of their limits and bring them new accomplishments that would otherwise been unrealizable in their former state. I do think the cooperation and friendship among other anime bloggers helps reduce any negativity and does a good job of creating some healthy competition among others. As long as no one is hurt or feels any negativity, I don’t see why not.

    • Very true. Although emphasizing the “negativity” or “discouragement” aspect is important. Enthusiasm is also good, but for some mine comes and goes at various times so competition does not bring it out rather doing what I do at my own pace. Still, interesting points you bring up though on the matter of the Cooperative side and Competitive, too.

      • Yeah, I see cooperative and collaborative events popping up more often now which is probably the best thing for most bloggers. Not only does it push themselves to do their best but it also involves them within the community, lets them meet new people, and gives them a chance to work on a project with everyone. Probably why they’re so popular is how beneficial they are to everyone who participates which is the best for everybody in the long run.

  11. “To me, this aspect of blogging in the cooperative sense is the best available; free from the lofty pursuit of elevating one’s ego and simply just to enjoy each others company and foster conversation.”

    This is why I started blogging. I don’t have any friends in real life that I can actively talk with about anime and while watching anime is fun, being able to share the experiences with others is better. Starting out, its hard not to feel dwarfed by the aniblogging juggernauts in the community, but as long as I remember why I blog and what I hope to accomplish, numbers like pageviews mean very little.

    • That is also one the founding reasons among many for mine. Like you, I have a few people I can relate with outside of the net, but online I speak to others and they actually understand what I am talking about (half of the time) than the people I do know that are interested. For the rest, I do not even mention it. The blog itself has been a good stress reliever for me. Glad you are enjoying it, too ^^

  12. As crass as it may sound I do look at my page views and comment numbers from time to time, and when it gets a slight boost, it makes me feel that there’s somewhat out there reading what I wrote, and I guess it’s a fun feeling. In a sense I guess I’m competing with myself with what I’m doing; if I get more views from what I posted as compared to what I wrote a week before, then I won against myself from a week before – if that makes sense.

    • Not crass at all. I do what you mean by a the feeling, but exactly as you put it, a competition if any type should be with yourself to make yourself better rather than another person and doing it in a spiteful and disrespectful manner. However, there are benefits from some friendly competition, but the that of the egoistical and disrespectful, I just do not see the point. You are make perfect sense when it considering your own efforts week to week. ^^

  13. Cooperative side of blogging is always good. I dream to have a team of my own where we work together to make a post done. I can do the graphic, he can do the essay and etc..

    I like my page views and comment. There is nothing wrong knowing that your blog is useful for others. For me it is not a competition, but it is good to compete in a good way, not dragging along the readers into things that they don’t want to read. My aim is to provided the readers with useful articles which will benefit them when reading.

    • Oh, so you going toward trying to get a staff soon, then. That is nice. I was more referring with single bloggers cooperating with group post, ideas, projects, etc – but that does tie into too what I meant as well.

      Also true, nothing wrong with checking progress ever once and while, but nothing I would be too taken with trying to use it as ammo against others in a disrespectful and haughty way. Yet, your line is exactly a good way and motivation (positive one at that) of what you intend on doing and same thing I focus on (in a different way) to do.

      • I read it yesterday but didn’t have time to reply. I forgot what i’ve read that is why i’m talking about something else xD You mean like the anime carnival or something that du5k (not sure if the name is correct) did? That idea is good but I didn’t have time to start.

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  15. To tell you the truth I don’t think I considered competing with other bloggers. Probably because I can’t really see their stats so I can’t compare haha. Though with the year end reviews I got to see a bit into the stats of people. It made me wonder just what do they do to get so much views.

    I never really took it in a bad light really. Because what I try to do is very different from a lot of the bloggers I know, so I do my own thing. Even if not that many people are attracted to it, I’m still happy because it’s a very personal thing, very much mine and unique. I know some people who do things that are similar to mine as well but I like their material too much to feel jealous really.

    • Well, the stats for me rarely matter, since I get spam half of the time, so I do not even look it daily nor weekly, lol.

      Eh, well I am not necessarily saying it is bad or putting it in a bad light, but to simply put: Some people can not compete without the dramatic belittling, etc. Main thing is to be conformtable with what you are doing – if you are, then your fine. I don’t try to measure myself against others (especially when I do not have the same routine or time).

  16. I find that cooperation actually helps increase traffic to your blog, so I encourage it whenever I can. I’m not even sure what competitive blogging is. You can compare stats and numbers, but that’s really no indication of how good of a blogger you are, it’s just how much exposure each blog gets.

    • Meh, well in my case the traffic is arguable due to spam and such, but yeah, for some it works. Not really a standard to measure yourself either in terms of what you do as you said.

  17. I used to be like that, luckily i realized it on the second month of my figure blogging. So instead i’ll just split it more evenly between my blog buddies (without them knowing) like for example, one of my pals have more revoltechs so i back off from making any comic containing revoltechs. One have more nendoroids, i back out from making nendo comics. The same goes to one who owns a lot of SHFs. And i clearly point in my blog with colorful banner links to their blogs. I created diversity in content among us, so that readers would one way or the other “travel” between our blogs for various choices. Including new figure news and etc, since i opt to only publish such news only when im really going to get them, not because i’m chasing after “scores”

    • Wow, that is quite a interesting and ingenious way of doing things. I like that you are not doing it out of pity, but more of respect and it does actually serve a applicable purpose. It is sort of being supportive without much of the cooperation aspects involved, but you still them into account. Seems like the system works for you – although, if you want to make a post on a specific figurine by all means you should not censor yourself. Overall, though, that is sort of brilliant. *applause*

      • Well, when i want to make figure news and comics that requires me to “poke” my pals’ share/forte. I make sure i really want and like the stuff i’m about to make/post. This is way the result won’t come out just as “i’m bored and i got nothing to do” post and also as a form of respect.

    • I would say it is, but you are just doing it out the prospect of enjoyment and not really in a spiteful sense as the post stated, correct? Nothing wrong with that to me, since it does promote a positive aspect, but for me, I just naturally shy away from competition in general. It is nothing I really feel like engaging in no matter the reason.

      As for cooperative, I almost afraid to ask for the exact number of projects, but I will take your word for it ^^

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  19. I think recently, there’s been a shift toward lots of cooperative posts between anibloggers I know (at least from what I can see). That’s definitely a good thing. But the competitive aspect will always be there as long as some people have lots of ego. It’s just kind of human nature, as silly as it may be, to look at someone else’s success, and feel bad about one’s own lack. With that said, I think having ego inherently isn’t a bad thing. It gives us a drive to produce better content and such. I guess it’s just important to focus that ego on oneself. (Yea, I know, super cliche~)

    • It is true and inevitable that within human nature, we strive for success. It’s definitely not a bad thing but once you start forgetting about the ‘fun’ in blogging and only focus on the ‘statistics’, you’ve lost that positivity in your posts and most likely readers will pick up on it too. I know that a while back, I didn’t really ‘explore’ the aniblogsphere, sticking to the regular blogs I check like Metanorn and Sekijitsu but nowadays I’ve decided to expose myself more and found heaps of other sites – all different in their own unique way. It’s definitely a fun place to be for everyone who shares the same interests as everyone else here but because of this, I’ve also fallen to the hands of comparison. “How do I make my site better?” “What should I do to make something more interesting?” I was constantly looking for ways to improve my writing that at one point I realized my posts went from ‘informal and full of life’ to ‘informative with less life’. Luckily I was able to realize this not-so-great change of style in my writing and now I try to make my posts ‘in-depth but still holding onto that liveliness’ and this post about being competitive VS cooperative has enlightened me much more. A great posts indeed!

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