The Myarid Paradigms Of Anime Blogging

A brief and simple examination of the type of Anime blogs and my own side-notes with regards to the paradigms they may fit into.

With as many Anime blogs that there are out circulating cyberspace (dead or alive) I am noticing a variety of recurring themes. One theme pertains to how well most bloggers stick with their predefined molds whether it be an episodic blogger, editorial writing, figurine reviews or any other roles that might apply. That said, with myself, I see the variety very far and few in between and makes me wonder how people choose their respective areas of Anime blogging. Do bloggers choose things like episodic blogging because they excel at it or because they want to? Do bloggers that go the editorial route choose it because they like to challenge themselves or simply because they wish to bring the subject at hand some deeper thought? I would love to hear how people got into their role of blogging, but first, I thought I would try to examine the many archetypical roles.

Episodic bloggers are the most common paradigm I seen thus far around the net and one’s that are always interesting to frequent. They usually excel often or not with their own respective writing style and means of posting to create not only mere summaries, but also add their own personal spin on things for the series that they are covering. Of course, many creativity minds do not limit themselves to just episodic post and do tend to dig outside their arena as well. Personally speaking, in the past (way before I founded Kaminarianime)  I did do a little episodic blogging and found that I liked it, but also founded it difficult. Not too long after the disbandment of the site I use to be at, I knew that getting back into the mold of episodic blogging was something that was not for me, but did eventually try to pick it back up and now on the verge for settling to leave it be. I believe that episodic blogs have their craft the most difficult starting out, since they have the task of either reviewing anime series, episodic blogging those that come out (they have an interest in), or mixing it up every now then. Other than that, there is not that much room in between for them. However, I have began to see somewhat of a shift from my idea of what episodic blogging entails and most that have taken up the craft have shattered the traditional rules of how it is done. In short, many episodic blogs do not really have it that difficult at all as long as they are creativity and enjoy their craft. Although, that kind of motto should apply to everyone.

Editorial style bloggers are another interesting model to examine and ones that I see very little of. They mostly focus on material that goes above and beyond the realm of the standard, but also ones that boast some of the most insightful type of analysis that can relate to Anime or not. I feel that this might be richest realm as far ideas go, yet also just like episodic blogging, not exactly easy by any means. Composing the message you wish to convey is one thing, but also the way it is conveyed is the true beauty and challenge of this realm. Again, speaking personally, this is a realm that I have taken very much interest in and one that I do enjoy getting into just due to the vast amount of potential and subjects waiting to be dissected. Even if someone has touched upon something you wish to bring up in a post, you still can since the topic at hand has many ways it can be approached and examined and not everyone looks through the same lens. In many ways, I think that is one of the reasons I like writing those type of post: To generate that discussion and see what other people have to say about it.

Since Anime blogging is not all about “Anime” you also need those that specialize in what others rarely supply. For this paradigm, I am referring to the specialist class of bloggers as I like to call them. Whether it be figurines, manga, recollection of series gone by, or other subjects; I consider these bloggers trailblazers of sorts; forging out into new territory few dare to go or can make work. I am not sure of how I would exactly term their projected range of difficultly, although I would assume they have the same level as the two aforementioned categories, but the potential they hold is just as unknown. That unknown quality (especially referring to my knowledge figurines) is of many reason that I like to visit such blogs and the various others listed that blog about their respective areas.

I am not sure exactly where I belong or fit in with the paradigms I named, but mostly I find myself bordering the “Jack-of-all-trades” model. An apprentice of all skills, but master of none. I am not an episodic blogger, I like editorials, but I also like writing Anime reviews and also writing about miscellaneous items that interest me in the visual subculture. I think that would be the best way to classify myself and my behavior, since I find more enjoyable to experiment and not really sure of what I am really interested in. All that I do know is that I want my content to be semi-entertaining for those that read it, generate discussion, and reflect my personal passion. If I can accomplish any of those things (especially the last), then I think the paradigm I set myself in really does not matter or should not matter to anyone else. “As long as you do what you like” might be the best paradigm follow.

45 thoughts on “The Myarid Paradigms Of Anime Blogging

  1. I’m more like your early stages and experiment. I know I’ll be a Yuri, Slice of Life and Anime review site primarily, but I also post random video game news and other stuff that pique my interest. So yeah, I already have my 3 gimmicks.
    -I’ve tried random stories but never found the interest to continue or finish them so that idea’s scrapped.
    -I also use my site as a poetry storage center. Unlike random stories, there will always be an inspiring subject to make me write a poem. Whether I fall in love again or decide to write a poem about a particular show.
    -I tried wrestling posts but the amount of animeniacs who also like wrestling is extremely small.
    -My episodic blog is currently a one season trial. Whether I’ll continue it or not next season depends on its success.
    -I’ll obviously also expand the yuri criteria with the promised LIST.
    -A Sono Hanabira page is in the works. 2 sites are already dedicated to downloads and patches so reviews it is for now.
    -I don’t have the intelligence or otakuness for analyzing anime, enlightening connections or nostalgic feelings for certain shows because I don’t need to do research in order to enjoy a show. Those who do write interesting stuff that attracts many viewers so I applaud their skills.

    That’s it. Blogging is a hobby for me and always will be nothing more than that.

    • I actually think the reviews and materials you write (like the post on Yuri and the one for your reason for blogging) makes you a perfect candidate for the specialist realm, but you know your site better than anyone else, so who am I to judge, right? I would say overall the experimentation is serving you quite well.

      • Yes indeed. I’ll keep it as long as possible. As long as there are anime to be reviewed and the power of animated lesbian romance continues to bloom, I cannot be stopped! To tweak a quote Mike “The Miz” Mizanin: Cause I’m The OG-Man, AND IIIIIII’M…AWEEEEEESOOOOME!

  2. We Remember Love is also an episodic blog:

    Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
    Mazinkaiser SKL
    Broken Blade
    Gundam Unicorn
    Gundam AGE

    These are all series I blogged/am blogging as the episodes come out (WRL also blogged films as they got fansubs: Macross Frontier, Redline, etc.). I do think however, that WRL’s method of blogging episodes are distinct from the Random Curiosity, THAT Anime Blog, and Sea Slugs method of summary+reaction+screen caps.

    Why did I take the blog into this direction, when it started out only having topical posts in editorial essay format?

    I think the most interesting discussion happens when the episode is fresh in the minds of the viewers. Speculation on both interpretation and future events in the narrative makes for a lot of fun, and one gets to capture the mood and spirit around the show “in its time.” I’ve done retro-blogging (Macross Frontier, Kino no Tabi, SDF Macross, Cowboy Bebop) and while there are a lot of benefits to having BOTH insight and hindsight, the experience is not the same even if the posts themselves are far more substantial (at least for Frontier and Bebop).

    • Really? I apologize if the way I categorize you was not as you are and I will change it, but I always your site atmosphere very interesting, You among the few people that I read from (even though I rarely comment) that speak of mecha series and also one that does adopt sort of a very profound editorial style to some of the post you write. I have recognized you are covering Nisemonogatari for this season, but your approach to the episodic style is very unique. And yes, that is a compliment.

      To me, I would say both retro series and newer series have an equal charm, but can agree that is more interesting to cover those that the viewer does not have to remember from “X” number of years ago. However, I think the retro is the best thing about your site (especially like reading the Cowboy Bebpop and Kino No Tabi post. Guess I should comment more as well.)

      On a side note: Are you planning to do one for Rahxephon or Zegapain? Would like to see what you think of those series (I happen to like both).

      • Thanks for the kind words. I have not seen Zegapain yet, but I have written about RahXephon some time ago.

        I’ve revised my opinion in that post in a not an insignificant way after I learned more about the tradition about the creators, which I discuss here.

        I’ll disagree with you about what you consider best about the site, and you may understand why; it’s because you’re not that big a fan of Gundam, and perhaps even less of a fan of Macross. If you are, you’ll see the layers of effort and the application of all my powers in the posts I make for those franchises.

        If you were to really look at specialization, your classification of WRL is still quite generalist. The classification you make serves the interests of the general anime fan looking for an anime blog to read, and this is all good ^_^

        But I think over the last 3 years you’ll be hard pressed to find anime blog resources dedicated to 1) mecha anime, 2) Gundam, and truly and most especially 3) Macross. We Remember Love, similar to Kritik der Animationskraft (my favorite active anime blog — which also came about in the Fall of 2008 like myself) is a throwback to the old school anime shrines. WRL is to Macross while KdA is to Leiji Matsumoto works. This hyperspecialization makes what we (the founder’s) core contributions inaccessible to most readers.

        Everything else we do is to address accessibility in some way. Speaking for myself, I don’t really think I can pull out the core fandom of Macross, Gundam, and mecha in general from the walled gardens of the forums (Macrossworld, Mechatalk, /m/ — sites which I don’t care for at all to actively participate in). I would need readers in some way after all! The net result of this branching out helped me discover new things I love (K-On!! is the most surprising example LOL).

        • I will sure to check it out then at my leisure ^^

          You are correct about the point of me not being that big a fan of Gundam or Macross, even though I am familar with them. I am not on the level that you are with them which your post prove, however, even though I am not, I can still appreciate some the subtleties and such you have in your work. That just does not apply to the Macross or Gundam post alone. For example using your Bebop post an example, I would say you that you did a fine job with this one deconstructing: although, that is just my opinion.

          Yet, now that you mention it, I did make the specialist section sound way too narrow, since your writing and the others listed are anything but narrow. I am still learning how to be more specific, so I guess next time I should look over my diction. I do sincerely apologize for that ^^

          Thing is (from my point view) I know of very little blogs similar to the topic range of We Remember Love. From all the people I listed in my post, this is probably the most interaction I have done online and doing my time blogging. I did have a small amateur site a long time ago, but never stumbled across people such as yourself or any other of people mentioned. In part, I guess that is what made your site among others fit into the specialty range to me. Although, in hindsight, you do exemplify a lot variety as well as the accessible aspect, so if even someone like you can appreciate K-ON, then my classifications could use some work (Not saying that anything is wrong, K-On. Did provide me with some type of enjoyment ^^)

  3. What an interesting topic for discussion! And a great way to catch my attention, linking me in :p Thanks for the kind words :3

    I’m surprised you placed me in the specialist category, since I don’t really know what it is that I specialize in. I feel a bit like you do, like a jack-of-all-trades type of blogger, since I tend to drift from one type of post to another. I like doing editorial posts, though don’t do them often since they’re so time consuming. To do them well, I feel like you need to be well read on other sources pertaining to the topic, so you can source them as back up. I also like making interesting notes on something I noticed in any given anime that I’m currently watching. Those discussions don’t always go very deep, but I like the speculation and hearing what others have to say. Most of my posts are actually final reviews of anime that I have finished, since I usually balance out some older shows with the currently airing ones. I’m only wading in episodic blogging now by trying out LE: Fam, but I don’t think it’s a style that I will go crazy with. At most, I’ll only have one show at a time.

    If anything, I think the one area I may “specialize” in are my posts about food in anime. And I’m not even an expert on food itself, or some chef from a culinary school. I’m just your average young woman who likes to cook and eat yummy foods and am fascinated by all the ones I see in anime I watch.

    • Thank you and you are welcome. It was more for the illustration purpose and to provide examples, but the sites I read from and like deserve more attention.

      Whenever I read your blog I always felt like you did lean toward the editorial side, but your post also felt like they capture a niche to me. Also, your way to relating it toward food that you seen in Anime was also interesting, so that is way I also thought of your post. I haven’t read from anyone else that specifically also makes the relation to food seen in Anime, so to me that was your specialist side – but I did also did think of you as an editorial writer, too. Sort difficult to accurately explain, but everyone seems to give off a specific “thing” they are good at and that is what I classified them as. Sorry if misunderstood or came off offense, but again, I mean them as compliments. Also, I did sort think you were chef at first, since the recipes were very exact. Still haven’t tried the congee recipe you posted about yet like I planned too.

    • and as a continuation
      My blog just goes for
      -Episodic Reviews and the obvious series reviews when the season ends
      -I’ve been trying to find some time to talk about the older series of anime/manga
      -Mostly because of my tight schedule, I haven’t been able to type up some “serious discussion” inducing posts. But I always try to think of something
      -Recently I’ve been trying to talk about Video Games

  4. I guess i wouldn’t know or even care to what category i fell into. But to be honest, I don’t blog about figures only. If you notice my comics are actually subliminal messages about a collector’s slice of life…

    for instance This post contains the hidden message that sometimes a figure reviewer may not be pleased with their result of a review and try to make things better

    This one shares the reluctance of a figure reviewer to just “drop the whole ball” and leave the unsatisfied results as is. But in the end decided to produce better results

    That’s why i can produce an almost daily routine posts, as behind those posts/comics i shared my slice of life as a collector, from difficulty of wanting a new camera, to how much i always adore my collections.

    Most of my blog followers gets that hidden message and that’s why they love frequenting it.

    • I see. Although, I did not mean specialist in the fashion of only one area, but really just touching upon subjects that rarely many people touch at all. Although, now that you mention it, I have been a sort of trend in your work from the archives I looked through. The collectors slice-of-life, eh? Interesting way to put that.

      I think when you make a case for your site like that (or that of everyone else here too) pretty much does not matter where you fall under. Just love that sort of answer and passion ^^

      • I make my comics developed from the simplest things that happens everyday… especially on the collector’s niche.

        Hey, it works, i have fresh ideas EVERYDAY ^ .^)b

  5. That’s a really interesting classification you outlined. I think it fits pretty well.

    Episodic blogs are very interesting to discuss something you’ve just watched and are eager to read what people say and to tell people what you think. Though I tend to not be able to keep up with them since I like to watch anime at my own pace heh.

    If it’s strictly about anime, I like the editorial style better. Much like this very post, I find the ideas that are presented are really interesting and thought provoking and for that reason I read them, thought I don’t always comment. I’m actually writing something editorial-like right now and hopefully I can get some reactions. (And hopefully not piss people off too much haha).

    In the end, something a bit more silly and and less serious is what I like best. That’s what I try to do whenever I write a post. I try to create something that can crack a smile on people’s faces.

    I love your idea of linking many other blogs in your writing btw. (Especially since our blog is also included fufufu).

    • Thank you. Took me while to think over the idea.

      Episodic sites are interesting, but like you said, when I watch specific things is based on pace. My pace is all over all the place XD

      Well, the editorial style does not have to be all Anime, but things relating to it is fine as well. Breaking things down into smaller bits and pieces for further analysis and maybe relating it to real life is how I tend to look at it. Still could try to make my material more easier to read and less vauge, that is general idea. (Lol. I worry about that too, but nothing wrong with clashing opinions since it makes the topic more interesting. Just being respectful and mindful of what others think is the main thing to keep in mind ^^)

      Yeah, I agree. The lighthearted apporach to things work just as well, no matter what category you may fall under. Can say that couple of post you and Miette have done have made me laugh. Also not a problem XD

  6. Great post! I hadn’t really given this topic any thought at all until probably last summer, when I tried shifting from (really) short reviews to more in-depth episodic analyses, and then eventually to more-focused “editorials” of sorts. I guess my blog has ended up a mixed bag, as I meanwhile work on episodic reflections for Sea Slugs and more experimental articles/lists for YumeState.
    I imagine most of us try to find methods that lend a unique voice, but at the same time are manageable given our limited time to work with.

    • Sort of noticed that you have did a lot of shifting as I have in posting. Nothing wrong with a little variety, though, definitely helps generate new ideas when you are hard pressed for one, so to speak. Like you said, I think we all are trying to be unique with what we do. Would not be fun otherwise if you do not challenge yourself every once in awhile. Working around time, well..yeah, that is something I could stand to do better XD

  7. I always took pride in being a sort of specialist reviewer, for whatever reason. I guess I just never liked doing the exact same thing as someone else. I suppose I’m also sort of an episodic reviewer, even if I don’t do every chapter like most others would.

    • Everyone lives to be unique. Just who the individual is, which is nothing wrong with that. We all need a little signature tail to what we do. Now that you mention it, manga chapters are sort of like episodic reviews, right? Might not be the same format, but still similar. Guess my lens at looking at it has always been Anime, since I rarely know of sites like yours ^^

  8. I pretty much do everything recently, ranging from editorials to episodic. But well, it’s just about what I feel like to do in that particular moment. 😀

    • That you do. The editorials are really something, but you are somewhat of a free spirit when it comes to post. Nothing wrong though with that, like you said: it is a hobby. Hobbies are meant to be enjoyed ^^

  9. ” “As long as you do what you like” might be the best paradigm follow.” <- yeaps, couldn't agree more. When you do what you like, it reflects in your products (which in our case is blog posts) and people tend to enjoy that more.

    • Reflecting yourself in your work is an important aspect to that. It is an idea though that many (including myself) tend to forget. Especially in everyday life…

  10. Other than episodic reviews I also post some news on my blog as well. A new writer on my blog does episodic review as well and also some editorials. It is cool that his first editorial is probably the last for 2d teleidoscope. I’m thinking of doing my own editorial soon. Not sure how it will go but if you have any good tips let me know 😉 I’m also thinking of doing more guides and stuff for the readers. I’m always looking for new ideas to put on my blog. I’m not thinking of sticking to the same stuff, it might be boring in a long term condition. I’m also curious now on what makes the readers come to my blog after reading your post

    • Guess with another staff member it will allow you to do more. Really sad to hear about 2D, but can not blame the decision made. I usually looked to 2d teleidoscope as well as other in the past, but sort of how how I decided and made my style. Can not offer much (since I am not really expert), but as long as you write about what you like and the way you wish to communicate it, you will be fine. Think some of the bloggers I mentioned in the section (like Snippet and Yumeka) have better handle on it than I do. I am still learning ^^

      Think after you write a little more and experiment you will find the answer soon. Just stay focus and it will all fall into place ^^

  11. Thanks for the insightful tour of the aniblogosphere and the inclusion, I really feel honoured and glad whenever people link my site.

    When I started blogging, honestly I didn’t know that such categories exist (editorial and episodic). I just rarely read anime blogs way back then and visited only a few that’s why I wasn’t really aware of the structure of the aniblogosphere. Personally, for me there are only two types of blogs but sorry if I’m not going to reveal it here because you just gave me an idea to write something about it in the future and since I noticed that my site attracts so much attention when it comes to categorizing a blog (but not that I mind though ^^).

    So did I actually choose my route? Yes and half no, because given the limited resources that I have (knowledge and time) that’s the only best that I can offer. Regardless of how my writing is being perceived by others, I post stuff that interests and entertains me, and I only share my thoughts if I feel like I have something sensible to say. It gives me pride and satisfaction when I know that my reader will not just be entertained by visiting my site but, for most part, will learn something new whether it’s insightful or not. Also, I’m a reserved person that’s why whatever I post is something that I’m only comfortable sharing with, and I highly admit that my writing still needs a lot of improvement…

    Btw, I’m fond of your site because I can feel your passion. I find your blog like a mixed bag of nuts—it has different varieties in one package. ^^

    • Well, I am learning from one of the bloggers I consider the best in the arena, so really I should be thanking you.

      I was under a similar impression, however, I did know of episodic blogs and such, since during my real earlier days I seen a few around and probably that is all I did see. That back when I was first breaking into Anime and the like, but a lot has changed since then for both me and what I am seeing people do on the net. Anticipating your post on what you think about it.

      Hmm, really? You seem to me like person that has a lot of resources to work with – maybe not with time so much (like most of lack), but you seem very knowledgeable. Your post pretty much reflect that and seems you write it with great enjoyment as well. However, I can agree with reservation, their are somethings I am just not comfortable with either post (like one article I have now, currently agonizing how many times must I read it over or wanting to change something.) The air that you write in is anything close to reserved, yet at the same time as aforementioned you really do put the work in and is exemplified by the end product. Very commendable.

      Thank you. Exactly what I say it feels like, but I like it that way, despite how I try to stay organized XD

  12. I’ve started as an episodic blogger and have been enjoying it for the most part. It is fun to provide my thoughts about the latest episodes of current shows in hopes of entertaining others who are keeping up with the shows. Not that my site actually has that many views, but I aim to provide interesting thoughts on an episode as soon as I can after it has aired.

    That’s all fine, but at times I do feel a bit hindered by episodic blogging because there isn’t a lot of room to mix things up. I would like to try some editorial blogging, but episode blogging often takes up too much time and I rarely have time for other posts.

    Thanks for the fun read! ^_^

    • Think you are doing a fine job as you are. Episodic blogging does have it hurdles (in my opinion) at the beginning, but you seeming to avoid most. I remember the site I was at a couple years back – we had a very small reader based, but after-while things seemed to work out. All part of the community, so long as you enjoy what you like and interact things will follow in suit ^^

      Episodic blogging particular as some strong points more than weak ones, but it is all in how you see it and how creativity you can be. However, it never hurts to try new things and break the mold. Could be fun to try and see how it works for you ^^

      And no, thanking you for reading. Glad you took the time to read and hope you enjoyed it 😀

  13. Now that when I think about it, I had totally no idea what category I’m at. Overall, I just write whatever I like. Originally, I opened my blog just to show some of my figures. However, as I bought less later on, I began to post more regarding other things and as time goes on, the blog began to see lesser and lesser of figures.. And till now, I’m sad to say I dunno what the heck am I specialized in.But hey, “not specialized in anything” is a “specialization” in itself isn’t it? I’m the Jack of all trades!

    • Heh, exactly. You really do not have to specialize in anything really. Think most of the time we waste so much time trying to find what we are good at or want to do, which are good things to figure out, but sometimes you just have to try things out without think about them. Think the Jack of all trade section like you and myself, do just fine ^^

  14. I’m an editorialist. I’ve never really gotten the point of episodic blogging, but it is rather convenient to have a specific topic to blog about each week. Editorialists spend longer times thinking about a topic than actually writing it. Editorials also tend to be long and it becomes increasingly difficult to retain the reader’s attention over a, say, 2000 word post. All types of blogs have their pros and cons. It’s a matter of what works for each blogger individually.

    I don’t have anything against episodics, but I do wish people would stop spending half the post summarizing the episode. Only those who watched the episode read the post. More opinion, please!

    • It is rather convenient to have something to speak about, but as an editorial their a level of joy from putting together and synthesizing raw material into goods. Though you do draw up an interesting and nice point about retaining the reader and probably the length itself. I do not want to restrict myself, but do not want the reader to be overwhelmed or bored either. As you said, just finding what works on an individual basis for the blogger is a very valid statement.

      I heard another writer say something similar to what you are saying, which I can agree with. I do read a lot of summaries sometimes too, but people do it for starting point with episodic post. I more with you though, more opinions – one the reasons why I read from different episodic bloggers ^^

  15. thx a lot for the linking ^^

    At first I didn’t really had a final idea for my blog aside from presenting my figure pictures on the net.

    Now,I mainly do figure related post like figure reviews and so on.
    Since I also love anime a lot, I sometimes “challenge” myself at writing anime related post, like what I watch each season or reviews from anime shows that I really, really liked, it’s still difficult for me to put my thoughts about an anime into text forms. haha well Im too slow for episodic anime post, and I don’t want the pressure of having to watch an episode as early as possible.

  16. I like the idea of being called a trailblazer! I usually have no idea what to categorize myself as, so maybe I’ll say that rather than give a long paragraph on what I like to write.

    It’s weird, seeing all three categories….having tried writing in all of them, you realize how they all have their separate set of difficulties. Sure episodic bloggers have more than enough material, but considering so many people do the same, they need to make their writing interesting enough to stand out.

    Editorials is difficult because you need to find something to talk about that hasn’t already been said, or at least bring enough new things to the table.

    As where I am right now….it’s hard for me being a blogger because I have no idea what I’m going to write every week. Honestly, after four years of blogging, I have to take a whole week of thinking now and planning to release at least one post, that may or may not even be good. I like the challenge, it’s fun trying to come up with ideas, it’s just difficult when it comes time to try and transfer that idea into words!!

  17. Categorizing blogs/bloggers into things like episodic or editorial is hard to do if they branch our every once in a while. I think I’ve tried just about every type of blog post I could related to anime: episodic summaries, reviews, editorials, essays, figures, magazines, artbooks, character analysis, etc.
    I eventually settled on just a few by picking the ones that I found most fun to do.

  18. I can’t exactly say what I am just yet. This is a first for me. I just know that I decided that I wanted to talk about something I really liked and that was anime. I don’t have many people who I can discuss anime with IRL and I knew I needed an outlet. I like forums but I really just wanted a place I could go on tangents; somewhere that I could look back and go “Wow, I really thought that?” Nice topic.

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