Does Quality Matter?

~Fufu~ Allow my wellspring of knowledge to challenge you to think outside the box on this thing known as quality.

Note: This a repost from my old blog. Due to my dissatisfaction, poor authoritative take, and other issues this editorial will be up for a revision in the future. 

To be honest, I am not a picky person. As much as I like watching a visual masterpiece I do not exactly think any less of the series if it is standard definition. I am fairly adaptive and appreciative to watch a series that is 360 or 480p (just referring to the definition of quality) as I would be if it were 720p or 1080p. It is not an absolute nail in the coffin (so to speak) to determine if I watch a series and if it is, I feel that is a serious limiter. However, some people may disagree with me. So does quality actual matter?

I can not speak for everyone, but again, I feel that it is not a necessary more than it is a luxury. I can remember fairly well when I used to watch series by means of streaming it or even to going farther back when the old CRT television was the in the thing. I certainly did not mind back then if the quality was superb (nor did I have a choice in the matter), so it actually does not hinder my experience today as well. Admittedly, I have moved on from streaming (with a better net connection than it was five years ago) and enjoying a more higher level of quality, but not necessarily a higher quality viewing experience. For me, anyway, the quality does not decide that. If anything, that falls on the elements in question (story, writing, characters, art/animation, themes, music, etc) that make up the series. All the same, I still enjoy viewing new and older series in standard definition.

However, this merely falls to the viewers perspective and necessarily does not echo or meant to echo anyone else’s personal stand point. Yet, to emphasize on the latest point I also do think quality also refers to the content as well as it does to the actually visual presentation. I know if the story is bad or if the characters do not represent any factors of change as the show wish to impose on the viewer; it can be aesthetically pleasing as it can get, but still is not enough to cover those glaring weakness. The same goes for enjoyable or ecchi themed titles (slice-of-life, comedy genres), if they do not represent anything that gives a different viewing experience or plain enjoyable past the bland innuendos and other stale devices the quality in how it looks will not change much. Being presentable and actually looking the part goes both ways and not in the same vein.

I might be prudent in some respects, but overall I think that is another ounce that begs thought to be given to when watching or deciding to whether or not watch a series. It certainly breeds different worlds and something to consider also if watching series in higher quality in necessarily worth it. What do you think?


  • I do not think DVD’s are quite out of style or obsolete either to spare another discussion. Some computers (expect for older variants) can handle Blu-ray, but I rather watch a Blu-ray on the system it was intended for. Although, in another few years another “new” thing will be out and best to stick with what you know, until it is necessary to switch over (unavailability). Again, just a personal opinion, since everyone can not afford or feel like cashing out for the latest thing. This is not a BD vs DVD debate.
  • Do not confusion quality with the actually key trait of art and animation. That is on a different spectrum.
  • As aforementioned above, due to my displeasure with this articles over “quality” it will be revised in the future.

24 thoughts on “Does Quality Matter?

  1. At first I thought that this was a post about the quality of blog content, then i thought it was a post about the quality of anime itself…I feel so foolish. 🙂

    Concerning visual quality, and more than that *definition* quality, I have to say that i agree with you. I personally don’t mind if something has a low resolution or an occasional pixel hiccup. As long as it’s big enough for me to watch comfortably and a high enough quality that I can distinguish one character’s face from another’s, I’m pretty much set. Granted, I certainly do enjoy higher quality videos, but for me it’s always been the quality of the show itself that mattered, and not so much the definition quality.

    Nice article, I don’t think about these kinds of things much. I’m sure part of it has to do with the fact that about 99% of my anime viewing is done online. I just bought Mushishi on DVD a little while ago though, and I’m eager to see if I notice any substantial difference.

    • I do have a post like that (similar to it), but not this not post. And it is alright ^^

      As you said, as long as things are distinguishable that is all that matters to me. I contrary to what was written, I do sometimes use streams for series I am not in a big rush to see and the quality per say is not bad. But yeah, it is not bad thing to watch a series in HD.

  2. I’d prefer a higher quality video if it’s available, but it’s not like it’s a dealbreaker. I think aesthetic appeal of the show is important too…maybe it’s a little shallow, but meh. Also, music is really important for some reason >.< Otherwise, I'm pretty sure I would've dropped Guilty Crown.

    • Not shallow, but that is a good observation. Sometimes it does affect how the look and feel of a show, but sometimes with a 480p webstream, I can see some pronounced details, but do not care much to miss them. Audio is just as important – never considered at taking that into account. Lol, I am still in for the long haul with GC.

  3. I agree that it is best to stick with what one knows especially if it is working perfectly fine. Why spend money on newer and more expensive equipment just because it’s what’s in right now? Eventually, you’ll probably be forced to buy the new item anyway as they will phase out the older one even though many are content with what they have. I do prefer a higher quality video which is why I am willing to pay for legitimate ways to get it.

    • True. We waited (my mom got it for me and my sister) a long time before purchasing a BD player, but in a few years from now, I feel like it will be obsolete for something else. That said, cable is a big one. Granted the digital siginal is better, it still is a lot of trouble, especially if you are using an Antennae to get specific channels. I ditched cable a long time ago to just local and other channels (since I do not watch TV anymore, expect for news, etc), but man, that digital signal at midnight is weak in my area. Public Broadcast doesn’t work well then =_=

      That said, legitimate does not always mean you will get better quality. Funimation is my case in point for the treatment they gave the Gunslinger Girl BD’s. I will review them later.

  4. I deja vu’d when I saw that picture of Victorique :3

    I think, for me, quality matters to an extent. It doesn’t affect me enjoying the show though, rather, I just use quality as a gauge when archiving anime. I’m a bit more choosy when it comes to on-going shows, but for some old shows, and especially now that I’ve attempted to watch some old shows, quality is indeed just a luxury.

    • Lol. Yeah, I am still restoring old content from my other blog, since I plan to get rid of it soon. I did not delete it, just transferred my address to start fresh.

      That is a fair assessment. As stated before, it is not a big problem for me, especially if it is a show that I am just watching for the heck of it. I have a lot of those lined up for this reason with the exception of things like: Another, Rinne, Moretsu, and Nisemono. Other than that, webstreams are perfectly fine, so only when I do reviews do I care to get them in their original quality. (I.E: Buying the official media). It only goes in importance toward old series even more so, since Rips, lose the quality.

  5. If a certain quality is achieved Im happy with it, I also can enjoy older animes, with less impressive animations than we see nowadays.

    Well I have fun with jaw drop quality, but its not neccesary that all anime looks like that.

    • Older series are usually as they are, so I just watch them in the way they are intended, but for anything 2009-up I expect the quality to be at least suitable for a stream (480 at least), that I do not have to waste time with a higher quality medium.

      Same. HD is fine, but not a hard and fast requirement.

  6. Quality matters to me. I’d always prefer things that I watch, in high quality.If there is a 720p and a 1080p version, I would definitely go for 1080p. My reason would be to enjoy the anime in top quality. Even the audio matters to me. But of course you can’t really get good audio without buying the Blu-ray or DVD. I do have some, then is when I will use my 7.1 surround sound headphone :D.Don’t get me started with music, everything has to be 320kbps in bitrate.

    • Nothing wrong with that. I never go for the 1080p, even though I have capable machines. To me, it is just like FLAC audio, only a hand full of people can tell the minuet differences, so instead of taking up extra space and other issues, I the standard is best for me. Might try a higher 1080p out someday, but in the past, it looked the same for 720p definition setup. I do agree on the music though, I can tell the difference between a rip mp3 and 320kpbs copy – just not so much with FLAC.

  7. It depends for me. With anime like Redline, Nisemonogatari, Fate/Zero or Canaan which displayed high graphical exposures, feels too much of a waste to just watch in low quality. With those anime, I would watch at least with a minimum of 720p, However, for anime like One Piece, then I usually watch them in a lower quality. I will mostly watch ordinary slice-of-life anime in the latter manner too.

    • Some series are just better suited for better definitions (like what you listed), but unless I lack the cash will I go for watching encodes. I do buy my series though that I review (unless I state it is a TV version). Long running series, yeah, do not have to have them in 720p and sometimes look good as they would by streaming.

  8. In terms of resolution quality, I think it helps if it’s higher because then you can enjoy the anime more. I remember when I used to get 240p anime and watch it on my 13″ CRT monitor. Back then, I was amazed at the quality of the series I was watching. Now, I would probably be too disgusted with the low resolution to even watch it.

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  10. Not really. As long as I’m entertained I don’t care. The only time I remember complaining about an anime’s visuals was with Onii-chan Sucks…which I only saw 3 minutes before dumping it into the recycle bin.

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