Team Vs Solitary Anime Blogging: Which Do You Perfer?

Another dissection into the world of anime blogging with considering to blog as a team or the preference of going it solo.

As most of you may remember, in a previous post I wrote on the preferences and implications of Competitive blogging vs Cooperative blogging; but this was only in a holistic sense and not directed toward a more defined or personal level. With this post, taking a more micro approach, I wish to learn how my fellow bloggers feel about either blogging as a Team and/or Solitary. Speaking from personal experiences, I have learned from both sets and more than once, but that said, I can not decide which had a bigger impact on me.

My first experience trying to start an Anime Blog was years ago, possibly my second year in middle school if my memory serves me right. At that time in real life, I did have a group of friends that took a interest in the same pursuits, but it was to a lesser extent, and at the time, prompted me to take to the web to seek others and start a blog alone. Needlessly to say, that experience did not last long. I did have one or two unknown viewers and commentators every now and then, but overall, it was just different experience than it is now. I think what I wanted to realistically achieve was far from possible, but being younger you are always more ambitious to accomplish the impossible or at least biting off more than you chew. It just seemed so boring and tedious to the point I lost my interest, however, despite that failure it serves as a hallmark of sorts for my later comeback in more ways than one. It takes more than interest to run a blog and at least I knew that much.

Looking back to those days in retrospect, I think I rather like solitary blogging now. It is not the best choice of diction, since you are never truly alone in such a social activity, but having the freedom to control your own workshop, customize it as you like, choose the material, and move at your own pace is what I like best about working alone. With the foresight I have now and if I were to bestow it to my younger self back then, I undoubtedly might be around seven years old with my site, but I doubt it. I am glad I did not, if I did, I might not had the chance to be apart of the team side of ani-blogging.

Back into my first or second year of high school and also the same time I really came into discovering what I consider “true anime” to be is when I found the team aspect of blogging. Also back then, my writing skills and wit were sharper than they have become now (due to the lapse between colleges) however, I digress. Over this period of time, I was apart of many team blogs and names you may recognize (will not name them), but the last one, one I also helped co-found was the most rewarding and one that if I did not see; well, I would not be here today. At first, it was just two of us, but after facing many trials and keeping grounded with content and goals in mind, we eventually start off with a site that was literally nothing and transformed it in a year into a one with its own domain, a few new readers, and six staff members. It seems like I made a difference for a site and person I barely knew, but also someone that held the same interest and reflected that in the site itself, despite anything else. This is and always will be my favorite memory of the aspect and accomplishments when working as a team is at its best. It even motivated me to start my own experimental site and the same one you are on today after its own mock start up.

Granted, the team aspect is something I am not good at, I still learned a great deal from the endeavor and even helped me work in groups in real life more easier. I am by no means an introvert, but I have a natural apprehension of working in groups; which steams from negative notations I had back in middle school, but relieved to see that is not so bad. I rather like speaking with others, trying to coordinate ideas, and sort of the enjoy the camaraderie of doing so. That person depends on you as much as you do them, so mutual trust and communication is key. It is not that extreme for ani-blogging, but the same lessons apply. Sadly, I seem to do less teamwork these days, both in my personal affairs offline as well on, yet I at least attempt to participate in group Ani-blog projects for that nostalgia and fellowship facet.

Looking back to a post by Exilehero and Nopy’s response, they do make valid points to this end. In a way, we blog because we want to be heard, we want someone to listen. Whether you are working as a team or alone, speaking…examining anime and the visual subculture is just not a solitary activity as many believe, especially when blogging is the tool of choice. Even if you are alone in such hobby, you can also head to the web as a sanctuary of last restore and last find one soul if not more that will listen. Do I speak pure BS? Maybe. Am I truthful in what I mean? Of course. It is such a brilliant epiphany to make, but sometimes we do get lost in the original motivate for doing things. I know I do – however, again, I digress and just hate talking about myself…. What do you think? Are you fond of ani-blogging as a team, alone, or perhaps both? Do you see any inherent problems with the system you chosen, and if so (or even if not), what do prize about the aforementioned decision or see you could do to improve?


  • I apologize ahead of time for any misunderstandings, but the title and body itself explains what the post is all about. What makes perfect sense to one person does not others and have to remember to try to simplify my writing and diction choice. I blame it on learning all the languages I have so far or in progress to. (That would be: Latin, French, some variation of Arabic, and also continuing learning Japanese.)

23 thoughts on “Team Vs Solitary Anime Blogging: Which Do You Perfer?

  1. I’ve done almost exclusively solo blogging and while I like it a great deal. And while I can’t really comment on which one I would prefer at this point in time, I know that I would like to become involved in a team at least once and awhile. There is something great about being able to sit around with people with the same passions and work towards a common goal.

  2. As a whole, it is easier to blog with others. I discuss an episode with my other blogger and write up the summary. We’ve not had any kind of opposite views, but if we have opposing opinions, It is usually going to be my opinion that will be published. Nothing like that has happened yet though, we share similar opinions.

    He’s done one post so far and will hopefully continue to do more. Honestly, I don’t think I need another blogger because I’m happy with the current standings.

  3. As a figure blogger i find working alone is better because ideas for a comic or a review is yours and yours alone… HOWEVER…

    Cross-Blog projects on the other hand are fun… Seeing as some people on the Anime niche has been doing cross-blog posts in relation to a singular topic. I find that idea very very interesting to make a cross-blog figure comic.

  4. I’ve been blogging alone from the get-go. I don’t know how to blog with other people so I’ll stick do perfecting my art for now. Maybe I’ll consider joining or expanding my Empire but for now I’ll continue going solo.

  5. I could go either way and I don’t really mind.

    Oh wait! If I join some team, that means I can no longer do short read impressions and I would be actually doing full reviews every time…. Dx

  6. There are certainly advantages to “team blogging,” though I can’t say I’ve ever done it before (keep in mind I’m as green behind the ears as can be, when it comes to blogging). Take, for example, Otakuness. Saranaufagos (lord that’s hard to type) and M0rg0th have very different review styles, and I think they contrast each other quite well. I especially liked the start-of-season preview they did, where they both wrote their own opinions on each show. This kind of thing presents two different views, and, as a result, can be both more enjoyable to read and can also appeal to a more broad reader base. So there are advantages to both the blog writer and the reader. On the other hand, solitary blogging is certainly easier to manage and coordinate, and it’s also helpful if you want your sire to follow one particular style. Now, what I want to see is a blog that has multiple authors involved in each post (writer + editor + proofreader, etc.) It’s possible that I have seen this before, but I just think a setup like that would be cool.

    Also, what the heck?! You call yourself a newbie? You’ve been blogging since middle school! 🙂
    Glad to see you didn’t totally give it up, yours is one of a rather small number of blogs I like to read.

  7. I run my own blog for several years, and I like being able to customize my blog to suit my own personal taste. I have tried to join a team animeblog in the past but got shoot down. Despite having not joined a team animeblog in the past, I appreciate good content, and that’s the main reason why I visit various animeblogs.

  8. I’ve worked in both a team blog and a solo one, and I personally prefer blogging by myself. Whichever option you take, blogging will always be something you share with others similar to you, so I just prefer the option where I can control the little things about my site.

  9. I’m a bit young blogger-wise, so I don’t know what I’d prefer in the long run, but for now I guess I’m leaning more towards solitary blogging. Part of the reason is, well, I’ve only just gotten the grasp of how solo ani-blogging actually works and stuff. I haven’t experienced a colloquium post so I don’t really know how the process works. As for team blogging, well, I co-author at another ani-blog, and I’d say it has it’s share of pros, like different ideas and opinions.

  10. I’m okay with either team or solitary anime blogging. There are pros and cons in both worlds such as commitment to the blog, communications, vision, etc. But if I really have to choose one, I’d prefer blogging on my own because I enjoy having the control. I get to do whatever I want and at my own pace without worrying if I’m dragging everyone else down with me.

  11. At the moment I’m doing both and I couldn’t tell which one I like better.
    I know I wouldn’t want anyone to participate in my blog for a lot of reasons but on the other hand it would be updated much more if I had teammates and it’s a great feeling to be a part of a team.
    The “problem” I have with reviewing in a blog that isn’t mine is that the other members don’t necessarily share my opinions, so I’m kinda sometimes afraid of expressing them, but I’m working on that!

    In the end, I think there are good sides to both and that one should try both to form his own opinion, as for me, I’m quite satisfied with doing both even if it does take a lot of time.

  12. Needless to say, I have blogging on my own for about nearly three years. This is mostly because I want to have the freedom to write what I want and of course, personalize the appearance to my liking. However, for some things, I don’t get much exposure such as music reviews. Therefore, I would guest contribute my reviews to Anime Instrumentality Blog to get more exposure, which is the strength of team blogging since there is already an audience and it can’t really die from one person quitting. Even so, there is weaknesses such as you don’t necessarily agree with their views and less control… but each has it’s strengths and weaknesses, depending on the person and the situation.

  13. I do both as well, team and solitary. If I had to choose it would be in a team because I really like working with everyone else, it’s more fun than blogging on my own. You could cover a lot of stuff in a team and you could throw a lot of thoughts and stuff together. Suggestions, and discovering something new while working together is one of the reason why I like teaming up. But in the end, it turns out that i’m still blogging on my own with other writers being busy in life. It cool to blog on my own, there is really nothing wrong with it, as I can control what I want on my blog.

  14. The only blogging I have ever done is solo blogging. I have made a few past attempts here and there. Some were good experiences some were just plain bad. I just started my recent attempt at blogging which seems to be going ok so far.
    The reason I did want to blog again is because what you said anime is simply not a solitary hobby. I do not have many friends in real life who keep up with anime much so, the fact that I am able to write my thoughts online and read others is a very rewarding experience.
    I have never tried group blogging but, the idea has surfaced from time to time where it became a strong consideration. I think in the long run I am more comfortable with running the ship myself. I like to be able to customize my sites look, content, and pace without the feeling of stepping on someones toes or being a bad site admin.

  15. Having experienced a little bit of both worlds, both solo blogging and team blogging has it’s ups and downs in my opinion. Solo blogging is a nice in a way that you’re the leader yourself, you can customize everything as you see fit and can post and work around with the blog in a ‘my-pace’ manner. However, you lose that freedom in team-blogging, but what’s good with team is the ability to communicate and collaborate with fellow blogging comrades. I gotta admit, at times, I feel lonely in my blog too…

  16. I’m definitely a solitary blogger, I don’t like to create too many different styles in my single blog. I want for the users to experience a consistent kind of writings…:P

  17. I’m fairly new to anime blogging and right now I’m preferring doing it alone. I’m learning myself and what I like at this point. Not to mention it is my outlet to discuss my thoughts freely relating to anime. I don’t have any close friends that like it so I decided blogging would be a good idea. Nice post.

  18. Overall, I prefer blogging by myself because I treasure my time, control and flexibility. I also don’t need to expect and worry for anybody–so independence is another big factor for me.

    But that being said, I’m fine with team blogging–since I started from there–and collaboration–since I already did it once. The only issue if I’m going to engage myself with other people is finding the right ones whom I can click with, tolerate me, and respect my ideas (and vice versa, of course).

  19. Solitary blogging is my ideal. Team blogging is something I’ve done on a few occasions but I think main thing I found detracted from the enjoyment was the lack of control and flexibility. Maintaining a large and popular team blog requires everyone to be committed and punctual, which are of course good things, but if you have IRL issues or like to go at your own speed with your own thoughts and voice, then team blogging will either set you apart or see you disagree, or loose interest as a whole.

    There are definitely pros and cons, its really just how you see your blog. Do you want it to be a reflection of yourself and a small personal abode or do you want it to be a field of voices and opinions? None is better than the other but I would certainly have to consider who I blogged with, so that we had matching tastes, voices and respect. Otherwise, it would create a dis junction in the blog tone and style.

    Though, the prevailing trend is definitely: Episodic- Team, Editorial- Solitary. Episodics need frequent and quick updates which don’t require a massive amount of articulation or probing. Editorials requiring the writer(s) to be as fluid and intriguing as they can be in a short space. I guess there are overlaps but its clear from the reality that not only is your personality important but also your style of blog.

  20. Everyone needs a starting point. Myself, I had rather humble beginnings, starting off on Facebook writing reviews as notes and posting them up for a few of my friends who had the same passions and interests as me to read. Solitary blogging is how I begun, and is how I operated my site for several months. Then a time came when I realized that I needed another individual, and eventually a whole team, to successfully take my vision from paper and turn it into a real-life project which would soon exceed my expectations. I can’t express my gratitude to a certain co-founder who has now decided to fly solo, as I know, without his constant diligence and determination, which also motivated myself to go above and beyond, my site would never be where it is now. I’m a very team-oriented individual, and I believe big things can’t be accomplished by one single person. There’s always that one special person (or two, or three, etc.) who is behind the success of this one great person. Perhaps it’s because I’ve always played ice hockey as a kid, so I’m very biased towards doing anything individually. From my perspective, it’s just much more rewarding and satisfying to write on a team, and run a team of talented writers, it just makes everything that much more fun, albeit more involving as far as head admin duties go.

  21. I have always loved being in a “team”, so I would definitely say that I prefer “team blogging” more. The whole concept of being with a group of like-minded individuals is just too appealing to ignore. From a personal experience, I broke into the blogosphere with team blogging, and it really allowed me to learn some of the “ropes” of blogging.

    While I do love team blogging, it’s not without its faults. Usually cooperation/chemistry between people may be an issue, and certain styles or thoughts can be conflicted. Also, “team blogging” implies that there will be a boss, if you will, a captain. Under those circumstances, one may find themselves rather restricted in what they can blog.

    This is why I started a personal blog, to start a more of a “side project”. This way, I could blog about more non-anime related content and share some stories about my life. Though it’s certainly a big contrast to the feel of team blogging, I can’t say I don’t like it.

    All in all, I would say both has its benefits, and really, blogging would not be the same without either of them.

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