Prism: Quenching My Yuri Lust

Synopsis (Via Baka-Updates Manga)

Riding high on the memory of a boy named Hikaru with whom she spent a day during her last year of grade school, Megu went through middle school without romance. Now that she’s a high school student, she has decided she is finally completely over her first love and can look towards the future. But! Megu meets a pretty girl on her first day of high school who gives her a big hug, and her name is Hikaru?!

I am not much of an avid yuri follower (yet), but sometimes you find a title/series that is so adorable, so undeniably cute that it can give you sugar diabetes just from thinking about it. That is what I would call a “special” manga in my book. The manga in question is Higashiyama Show’s “Prism”, a sweet romantic romp of yuri goodness that has left a special impression on me. I would not be writing this post if it did not, right? Well, do not answer that, you people know me…

To avoid regurgitating the synopsis, it is just as it says, a girl that thought she had a childhood friend that was boy, reunites years later to find out she is a she, and turns out she has feelings for her. You get all that? Good. Would hate to have explain all that. Kidding aside, Prism was unexpected find for me, both in how it emotionally covered the relationship of same sex love and the feelings that are involved when those lovers are at that time in their lives of being young, in love, and confused. Of course, I would deem it has deep, since things sort of just happen, but all the same, it is very touching; showing a socially unaccepted stigma of this type of love (unlike most titles I seen), but also light-hearted and humorous.

Hikaru would have to be my favorite character thus far, the other primary female lead. She might look like the proper yamato nadeshiko, but do let her looks fool you, she is playful, mischievous, and perverted as any male when it comes to love interest Megumi. However, with a description like that, it is hard not to like her. Their are other characters as well (including their bad influence of a teacher. Whom is bisexual btw), but their involvement in the story is yet to be set in stone, but do see a bit of a side yuri romance developing. If your interested, read to find out whom I am referring to.

Hikaru nearly giving Megumi a heart attack.

If you read from the likes of Morinaga Milk (which works reminds me so much of this series in terms of artwork) then you will probably enjoy this one. If you do not trust me when I say the cutness factor is over 9000 then, you might want to try it for yourself. Just be sure you have some smelling salts ready to revive yourself. Also, just a small warning, some scenes do contain NSFW material, but not exactly hentai material. I would not read this in public on your e-reader though.

16 thoughts on “Prism: Quenching My Yuri Lust

    • Yup, I read that one and loved every page. Eight pages and short, but great nonetheless. Especially the last two XD

    • Still eagerly waiting the next volume ^^ And yeah, the characters do have an relateable air around, especially in today’s society.

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