Natsuiro Kiseki – Of Magic And Fulfillment

While the Spring 2012 season of anime is far away from my mind, Natsuiro Kiseki with its magical realism template and tangible themes such as fulfillment and friendship still remain in my memories. For the most part, with its many layers and components, it makes me ponder what fulfillment really is and what is responsible for it as we grow up and live life. Maybe there are some deeper miracles in life I so desperately been doubting…

As Hoshiko so elegantly put it, the series in one breath does hallmark a message on the formation of precious memories, but add to this, I also believe that it also makes note on the issue of fulfillment with the time we are given and how that time will translate into memories. Throughout the series, the big rock with its supernatural feats to grant wishes acts as the fundamental key to the metaphorical house if you will be so kind to think of it in this fashion, but it is the girls that hold the real power to twist the knob, push open that door, and close it behind them. Using the events of when Natsumi x Saki became stuck together or when Natsumi was cloned, yes, it was magic that was the cause (no thanks to Yuka), but the ultimate issue lied within a problem that had to be fulfilled. In other words, Natsumi and Saki had to reconcile their differences and Natsumi had to recognize their was another way to play tennis other than on the aggressive front against an equally tenacious player. By fulfilling these issues magic was only a means to an end – an catalyst to bridge the issue and solution in order to bring it to an resolution. Magic was a support tool to fix these problems, but in all these situations, the girls had to fix their own problems, not magic. You can sort of think of it like a teacher giving guidance to a student in instructing, but instead making the student think for him/herself rather than solving the problem presented.

Besides the big rock and its magic holding a teacher to student relationship with the girls in the area of guidance, it also does the same with teaching the girls that not everything can be or will be fulfilled through the nature of magic. It is just like the main issue of Saki having to move away or the rainstorm that impedes the talent competition; wishes made to the rock or not respectively act in teaching the girls that their are even some things that reside out of reach from magic. So while the uneventfully does happen for both of these events, albeit the competition having a nicer endgame; the girls had to see an outcome in things that they could not influence, but in the process, oddly, things worked out for the better and fulfilled their wishes in both scenarios if you look at it in this fashion. Obviously, near the series end, with the wish to be “friends forever” even without the aid of magic, it will most undoubtedly come true despite the distance. However, with the act of seeing that magic is no cure all, their also might be the a lesson that miracles do indeed exist, but they can not solve problems – just offer interventions for them in beating the odds for that moment. An example of this would be the last two episodes in which the same day is repeated over and Saki would have to move. After all the events leading up to it, no amount of magic could remedy it and life would eventually have to move on.

Going back to the issue of fulfillment, overall, I think Natsuiro Kiseki tackles that message in more than one layer. For the most part and the most visible reasons than mentioned above, all the episodes showcased the girls enjoying life and fostering their friendship. Arguably, that could of been done without the aid of magic, but the memories that were made by it were all the more fulling and richer as a result. With the act of living and enjoying the time left they spent over that summer, it is very difficult not to say that everything they did was fulfilling, since it helped them grow closer together as well as grow up as individuals. Just like with in our daily lives, I believe that the people we meet, things we experience, and pathways we take in life; no matter their alignment ultimately serves to enrich more than subtract from life. Ironically, with summer being marked as ephemeral, evanescent, and always moving ahead; so do the girls lives and so is the way that we live. However, again, finding fulfillment and the joy makes each transient moment – each fleeting day worth living. This rings especially true when you do so with the people you love the most and care about.

Overall, Natsuiro Kiseki was a fulfilling slice-of-life series in its own right and one that helped me fall in love with genre all over again. It is not exactly bittersweet or sugar-coated, yet the flavor is just as palatable as any confectionery treat. Giving pause for the simple things we often dismiss in life, the series definitely does captures the essences of summer days long past for myself and doing more with the time that you have with the people you want to be with the most; whether it be friends or family and obtaining gratification doing so. In a sense, summer is all about this and more; while growing up and changing as the days go by. After all, you are only young once and might as well enjoy your youth while you can.

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5 thoughts on “Natsuiro Kiseki – Of Magic And Fulfillment

  1. Oh.. very well said! This is an interesting story for an Anime! I might try to watch this.

    While reading your entry, one thing came to my mind, Invictus, where the popular line:
    “It matters not how strait the gate,
    How charged with punishments the scroll,
    I am the master of my fate:
    I am the captain of my soul.”

    came from, well we all thrive to find fulfillment in life, but sometimes, because of working too hard in achieving some goals, we tend to forget to enjoy the moments and times we spend with important people, that I think it is more important to cherish moments with people we love while achieving the goals we have, because I think its of no use to reach the goals when we have pushed our loved ones away resulting to being alone in the end and nobody to share our success. One more thing that came to mind is that sometimes people tend to giveup when things seem so hard and impossible, I think that’s the time we need the “magic” and miracles to give us hope and strive to finish the goal, and yes I think I agree with the magic being a teacher, a guide only, it is up to us in the end whether we decide to reach the goal or not yes?

    Okay I’m blabbering haha! Really nice entry! Enjoyed reading it! =3

    • One of my favorite aside from Dusk Maiden last season. Invictus also came to mind when I was writing this (oddly enough), but sort of ties in with the message of fulfillment. Either way, the Natsuiro Kiseki does make a point for not resisting the inevitable, but it also does emphasis the importance of seeing miracles in the things we can not change and yes, cherishing the precious moments in front of us.The magic and miracles so to speak lies in the confidence and courage to move forward toward the goal; and whether we choice to do so or not. And not all, I do not think you are blabbering..more like I am the one doing the blabbering XD

      Thanks again for reading and lending your option.

  2. This was another one of those shows that both surprised and impressed me, something I never expected to like but did. At first the four girls seemed generic stereotypes, but they never really were so and they grew nicely as the series progressed. Their problems were real problems and they ended up dealing with them in realistic ways. I quickly came to see the Rock as having a distinct personality and in effect a will and sense of humor. It probably was laughing to itself as it watched the girls try to deal with the ramifications of the manner in which it granted their wishes – not quite exactly as they had intended and, as you point out, with an eye towards putting the burden of resolving the underlying problems back in their own laps.

    • Agreed, definitely one that surpassed my initial impression. I also think that dealt with some issues most adolescence (even adults in a sense) might mull over, with loosing close friends or finding solutions to problems that might not seem so simple at first. It was funny watching them deal with the consequences, but sort of interesting in how they were resolved – well, at least to me anyway. It does at least show that their is no quick fix for any problem in life.

  3. What I put in my post was purely conjecture and observations, but I’m glad the series end in almost the same themes I thought up. During the audition, the girls had learned quite a lot of everything. When asked, they were able to answer what they had learn from their summer incidents, all thanks to the “magic”.

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