You’re Under Arrest – Extremely And Oddly Satisfying

Your Under Arrest 1With exams officially over and my birthday no more, I decided to kickback for awhile and enjoy some very well deserved R&R before my next life long mission begins: Summer Job Hunting! Already wanting to take a break from my Urusei Yatsura “Challenge” (at episode 45), You’re Under Arrest was just the series I needed to recharge my batteries and really fun to watch despite only finishing the first season. Just one of many anime titles I am getting out of my current backlog of interest.

To spare you an entire synopsis, You’re Under Arrest is basically an anime series following the misadventures of two traffic female traffic officers: Miyuki Kobayakawa and the new recruit, Natsumi Tsujimoto of the Bokuto Precinct. While these two mainly are the subject of the series, it also follows the other supporting characters and the antics the other two get catch-up in on and off duty. I hate to make comparisons, but I like to think of this series as a slice-of-life/drama/comedy fusion of Miami Guns, which is also a funny and nice series in its own right. The only difference: You’re Under Arrest will probably keep you watching for reason you can not accurately pinpoint – which, is why I am even writing this post to begin with.

Your Under Arrest 2As aforementioned, what makes this particular series unique is that mixes and matches so many genres into one over a course of 52 episodes (counting the 4 OVA’s, which acts as pilot and integrated into the series as awhole). In fact, the genre mixture is possibly what gave the series such a nice command of my attention, especially with the cast of characters that spawns from this series. I have seen bunch of oddball series in the past and to date, but this one among many that touts the most bizarre, if not down right eclectic cast of supporting and reoccurring characters. Moderately sizable in number, the various quirks and temperaments the characters bring to the table make the series much easier to digest whether it be Yoriko’s inability to keep her mouth closed long enough before she spreads rumors or other odd characters like “Strike Man” that will annoy you half-death in one episode. Regardless, all the characters have some likeable thread and make up for the many genre layers the show gains.

Miyuki and Natsumi by Naonao77 Source:

Miyuki and Natsumi by Naonao77

Aside from the motley cast of crew, You’re Under Arrest also handles itself quite well when comes down to executing episode after episode. After putting up with Urusei Yatsura as much as I have, I thought 52 episodes of this series would be too much for me, but surprisingly, it goes down easy considering how well some of the vignettes are done. This one reason why the slice-of-life genre ties in so well. Coupled with the fact that none of the episodes are largely entwined with one another (expect for a few earlier ones being referenced), you don’t actually have to watch ever single one, but you will not exactly feel inclined to skip many of them if any. I always hated slice-of-life/comedy shows that lacked any sense of continuity or included it to large degree that actually messed the shows performance and ultimately, the enjoyment factor, but doesn’t seem to be an issue here with this one. Some episodes are easier to take than others, but to a sizable degree, most of the episodes are appealing enough and lack the “episodic” feel most people would expect from a series like this one.

I would be remiss if I did not point one or two shortcomings, obviously, the biggest one is the shows bland and stale animation work. Coming from the workshop of Studio Deen and its earlier works, the series animation certainly doesn’t do it any justice as much as I like the artwork. In any case, I did not find the animation to be anything of annoyance rather than just what I called it, a shortcoming. In addition to that, some of the reoccurring gags and traits such as: Yoriko vs Chie, Strike Man, and Ken’s x Miyuki’s romance advancements lose their luster of enjoyment after awhile. I was under the assumption the series would largely be attributed around Miyuki and Natsumi’s relationship as partners, but so far this has been minimal. Not bad to have the cast of characters around and hone into their lives, but hopefully, the second season will focus more on the dynamic duo.

Your Under Arrest screencap 2All-in-all, if you liked series like: Miami Guns, Excel Saga, Ah! My Goddess (which actually owes this series some thanks to its Goddess female lead creation), or anything of similar nature, You’re Under Arrest is at best what I can call a “Extremely And Oddly Satisfying” series for those willing to examine it. I would recommend starting with the 1st 4 episodes to see if it wets your whistle and if so, the rest of the series will probably be exactly as you hoped it would be, if not better.

8 thoughts on “You’re Under Arrest – Extremely And Oddly Satisfying

  1. If all you have seen is the TV series, I would recommend the OVA. It may be that the OVA as used as the firest episodes of the TV show (I can’t remember). The OVA was a little better for animation, and has a fun chase scene in the beginning that introduces the main characters.

    • Your right. I just instinctively referred to the first four episodes as the OVA, since that is how I found the series as opposed to how it was brought here to the US. Later, when it localized and dubbed into English, I think that is when they used the OVA eps as just part of the whole series, since it would seem disjointed otherwise. Thanks for notice though, since I had feeling that is how it was.

    • The Summer is a good as time as any, if you are up to it and have the time. I doubt I will be able to get to the other two series any time soon, since their are other shows I am actively trying to finish off, Definitely agree you should start on the first season alone if you are interested.

  2. *…Summer Job Hunting …*

    I feel you pain, I am in the very same boat as you on this one 😉

    Sound like an interesting series, I will try to check it out. Thanks for the suggestion and congrats for your exams, heaven know how the brain grinding of the finals can drain the life out of you.

    • Yeah, its a killer. Tried sign-up for three openings via online yesterday (since the places don’t do the old hard copy thing) and wasted 5 hours of my life taking on the personality sections. Why they have ask you the same ten questions for sixteen pages is beyond me. Well, at least have this week to rest and then I will have really start looking to find one…which isn’t easy.

  3. This is a great show for comedy. I’m happy to have found someone else who likes Miami Guns. You might also like You’re Under Arrest: Fast and Furious, though they do tend to get a little too serious toward the end, and the stories are not as good. But, it still has the same feel as the original show.

    • Yeah, I found Miami Guns to be extremely enjoyable. Parts of the English dub just add to the hilarity. I plan to watch the other two seasons, but between other obligations lined up for the summer, it maybe will near the end of my vacation before I do. I will try, though ^^

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