Hyperdoll Review


Series Name: Hyperdoll (Alt: Hyperdoll: Mew And Mica The Easy Fighters)
Studio: Triangle Staff
Episodes: 2
Genre: Action, Comedy

Synopsis (Via Wikipedia)

Mew and Mica, two spacey alien androids, pose as cute high school students to conceal their identities as the most undependable dynamic duo ever sent to defend the Earth. The OVA follows the misadventures of Mew, Mica and their reluctant friend, Akai.


Nearly every year during November to December, I have sort of started this abnormal tradition of searching for and watching older/obscure anime series (1980-2002 is considered old to me). Why? I’m not entirely sure why this is, but when I have the chance to take delight in zany sounds effects, laughable animation, lame villains,terrible writing, and cheesy opening themes (complete with an English dub for the occasion) such Hyperdoll, I don’t question my lack of logic. Oddly enough, with all of its unpolished and archaic features, I actually enjoyed it and have my uninhibited rationale to thank for the opportunity.

Hyperdoll screen4

Much like any pseudo terrible show, Hyperdoll is one of those low-budgeted cooked up OVA’s that is meant to touch base with the manga it is based on.  It does a great job of introducing its two hilariously apathetic (if not right lazy) heroines Mew and Mica keeping their identities secret of from friends (expect Akai, the obligatory helpless male lead), but with it only being two episode long it ends on an odd note as quickly as it began. While it obviously a series for those new to anime, I was actually disappointed that it did not flesh out it story more, especially concerning the presumable antagonistic force, CHAOS lead by the mysterious Dr. Zaiclit. I can only imagine that the manga is more coherent and structured at 5 volumes, but it is really a shame that the anime did not dig deeper and possibly would of turned pretty good. Instead, the two OVA’s treat us to Mew and Mica pretty much doing whatever the heck they want (saving the world the last thing on that list), until Akai (the obligatory helpless male lead) gets them to spring in action while trying to defend their identity from his observant childhood friend, Shoko. Of course, with lame and laughable villains like Kurageman (translates to Jellyfish man) who ideal of evil is sucking up pool water – yeah, I think the Earth doesn’t have much to worry about. It definitely isn’t a series that takes itself seriously (obvious enough by its stock opening), but if you like to laugh and stand to be uncritical it is quite hilarious; even includes a few anime jokes and references thrown into the mix for observant fans.

Hyperdoll screen2 Hyperdoll screen3

As stated before, Hyperdoll is a low-budgeted project that isn’t exactly impressive or noteworthy visually speaking. Being released on VHS first, Geneon’s DVD version looks as if it is a direct copy, but considering how it never received a digitized mastering version it is expected. However, where the visuals fail, I was quite impressed by the limited soundtrack offering. Despite the series being mocking of the sci-fi and superhero collective, it has really nice guitar infused and synthesizer based pieces provided by Takayuki Negishi who is known to most as the musical composer for Cardcaptor Sakura, Tokyo Majin, Mnemosyne, and various others. Luckily enough, the DVD version does include both an English and Japanese audio track, which both are equally superb, but lean toward enjoying the Japanese track more. However, the English track is hilarious in its own right (during one point in the dub track, a woman yells “Inagoman” with a man replying “I don’t speak Japanese” and in turn she says “It means grasshopper).

Hyper_Doll screen1

I know that there are probably better series that I could of started my whole ritualistic feast off with, but I’m really glad that I gave Hyperdoll a chance, since I never thought I would have liked it as much as I did. Again, it won’t appeal to everyone or even remotely worth watching if can’t spare 55mintues in total for the two episodes, yet if you have nothing better to do and don’t mind wrapping your head around one ridiculously crafted series like this; you will mostly likely thank me and your willingness for the opportunity.


Pros: great musical score, tons of comedy, nice designs/characters.

Cons: awful dvd transfer, poor animation, too much potential wasted. 

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