The Tsukinon Fundraiser: Please Donate & Share

Hiyoko Soft - Sakura No Sora To Kimi No Koto by Tsukinon

Hiyoko Soft’s – Sakura No Sora To Kimi No Koto Art and Character Designs by Tsukinon

I rarely do these kind of post, but since I respect and love those that contribute to the visual arts and want to support them every way I can, I felt like this is something that should to be shared. Thanks to Sekai Project for passing the news along:


On April 25th 2015, Tsukinon (月音), a Japanese artist who works with game companies Hiyoko-soft and La’cryma, was victim of a fire which burned down his home workspace. While he escaped safely, all he is left with is his cellphone, work bag, and bicycle. For him to return to a stable life and his illustration work, we’ve opened an English-language fund-raiser to support him.


If you wish to learn more about the fundraiser and even pitch in you can do so in the link provided below. Even if you aren’t exactly the biggest fan of visual novels or too keen on them, I do at least ask that you spread word and help one of the industry’s talent and human being get back on his feet. I will personally be donating soon and hope most of you will choose to follow suit.


Sekai Project Fundraiser:

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