Anime And Video Game Recommendations Pages Are Up

Computer desk

Finally cleaned my desk, so it doesn’t look like this any more…

Took me awhile, but I finally finished work on my anime and video game recommendations…sort of. While the video game one is more or less the way I envisioned (yes, it will be more than RPG’s added), the anime one is still lacking…a lot. In the future, I will try to change the format of the latter (when time allows), but the contents will remain the same. Until then, you are free to check it out. I haven’t started on visual novels, but that will be next after I am completely satisfied with the anime one. The review archive is also come along swimmingly, yet need more time on that front. Have a lot of cleaning to get done in two days for company this weekend, so maybe once it is here, more time will fly into my lap and I can work on it. Anyway, you can find the anime and video game pages below or use the menus above. You are free to suggest things for either, but probably haven’t added it yet.

Anime Recommendations

Video Game Recommendations

5 thoughts on “Anime And Video Game Recommendations Pages Are Up

    • Yup, love the Disgaea games, but for some reason, I can’t really get into the latest ones (mostly 4 since I haven’t gotten to 5 yet). Feels so overwhelming that is kinda underwhelming if that makes sense, lol. As for Sakura Wars, it was alright and nice to get a game like it in the West. The conclusion was a little “meh”, though.

  1. Reblogged this on Medieval Otaku and commented:
    I always knew that Moonlitasteria had excellent taste, and his anime recommendations page proves it. Be sure to peruse it! I know much less about the video games he recommends, but they must be of the same caliber. 🙂

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