Reverse x Reverse Coming To Steam December 10th

Reverse x Reverse LogoAnnounced earlier today by Sekai Project, they will bringing developer desunoya’s action puzzle-platformer Reverse x Reverse to Steam on December 10th. Of course, as an extra special treat, the team will also be putting on a livestream of them playing it a few hours before release. Here are a few more details about the game and the event.


A cute, quirky, and utterly challenging puzzle-platformer, Reverse x Reverse is the latest game from the Japanese development studio, desunoya. Players will take control of two heroic and witty girls, Code and Rithm, who have set out on a quest into the internal layer of their game world to find the root cause of the Bug Fields that have been rapidly spreading. Help them traverse 81 brain-bending levels and collect data discs that will be used to restore their world!

Reverse x Reverse Features:

• Control two different characters (Code and Rithm), each with unique abilities – control both simultaneously or switch on the fly!
• 81 mind-melting levels that will seriously challenge your gaming skills like never before!
• Compare your skills with players from around the globe with online leaderboards!
• Steam achievements and controller support enabled!

Reverse x Reverse will be released on Steam December 10 for $9.99 with a limited-time 10% off discount at launch. As for the livestream event, it will kickoff December 10th at 5:00 PM PST on their Twitch channel. Be sure to also RSVP via Facebook to show your support.


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