The Anime Streaming Nightmare

Long ago when the Internet was still young (or around 2004 for me), I remember when it was nearly almost impossible for me to keep up with the seasonal anime grind without the aid of fansubs. Fast-forward to today and it is a wildly different scene with so many options ranging from VOD (Video on demand) services like Hulu and Netflix to traditional cable trying to get in on the action. Hey, it is nice to have so many options, right? That is what I would like to say if everything wasn’t so fragmented. With Crunchyroll, Funimation (the latter two entering into a partnership), Daisuki, Netflix, Hulu, and now even Amazon competing for not only your time but money as well…..seasonal anime streaming has become more complicated. Has this newfound convenience been more of a blessing or curse?

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Ben-To Review

Ben-to box logo2Much like a one–trick pony, Ben-to only has one good trick, but surprisingly, very capable of making it last for the duration. Unfortunately, it does proceed to overstay its welcome. Still one heck of a trick, though.

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[Anime Review] B Gata H Kei: Yamada’s First Time

While sexual innuendo and mischievous naughtiness is the selling point, B Gata H Kei does have some weird charm and mystique to it. What that charm and mystique is exactly is up to you.

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