[Visual Novel Review] Enigma

enigma_coverDeveloped by Uzumeya, Enigma is a visual novel that takes place in a world where most of the mainland has been ravaged by mysterious illness. Chester, a young man that happen to contracted the illness find himself washed ashore on a remote island – one that isn’t even apart of any modern map. The only two noteworthy features: a small village unaccepting of those from the outside world and a mysterious forest that is said to devour people. It’s name is Enigma, the very same name of the disease Chester is infected with and now in the terminal stages – his life nearly at its end and this island likely to be his resting place. Are the two somehow connected?

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[Visual Novel Review] Memory’s Dogma CODE:01

memorys-dogma-main-visualDeveloped by LizArts – creator of Resette’s Prescription, Memory’s Dogma is science fiction visual novel that places in an alternative future of earth where humans have gained the knowledge to make the memories of the deceased digitized and interactive personalities. For Kusuhara Hiroki, the memories of his friend, Mizunashi Sorano is the only thing keeping him going. However, there does seem to be more than meets the eye between Sorano mysterious passing and the string of events to follow…

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[Visual Novel Review] Petit Novel Series: Harvest December

Harvest DecemberWith the 3DS seeing a few visual novel/adventure game hybrids released in the North American such as Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward and the ever popular Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, it is somewhat weird and slightly exciting to see something like Petit Novel Series – Harvest December makes its way to English-speaking shores. It’s a pure visual novel! Developed by Talestune and originally released as a 13 episodic story over the course of 4 games for mobile devices, the localization by CIRCLE Entertainment packages them all together into one game simply called Harvest December. What is it about? Is it worth picking up? Here is my humble evaluation…

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MangaGamer Opens Pre-Orders For Gahkthun Of The Golden Lightning

Gahkthun_Main VisualDeveloped by Liarsoft, Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning is one upcoming visual novel MangaGamer is bringing to English speaking fans before the year ends and set to arrive December 23rd. Preorders are live, so be sure to check it out if you want to secure your copy.

Lightning crackles in the sky. A lone man hovers, overlooking The Academia, an artificial island built by those seeking to reclaim the dark, foul sea. His name is Nikola Tesla, the one who will set this land right. With one assistant at his side, he shall face the council, overthrow the shadows in control, and rescue the unwitting students.

Will you brave the darkness with him? Enlighten the polluted night? Spark a revolution?

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G-senjou no Maou – The Devil on G-String Is Now Available On Steam

G-senjou_HeaderAs announced during their Otakon panel earlier in the year, G-senjou no Maou finally makes it way onto Steam courtesy of Sekai Project. What’s even better is that will be 30% off during the launch period, so you better act fast if you want a great deal on a equally great visual novel, if I do say so myself. (Just be sure to remember that Tsubaki is the best girl.)


A gripping tale of power, deviously-masterminded criminal activity, and an intricately woven web of plot-thickening schemes, players are placed into the shoes of Azai Kyousuke, the adopted son of an infamous Yakuza gangster. Kyousuke knows what he likes and lets absolutely nothing stand in his way in getting what he wants.

Referred to as God by his classmates, and the wickedly strict president of one of his father’s subsidiary corporations, Kyousuke often enjoys listening to classical music and “working” off a debt owed to his father. But when a beautiful girl named Usami Haru appears in town along with an international criminal known as “Maou,” they bring with them their cat-and-mouse game of plotting and intrigue.

G-senjou no Maou – The Devil on G-String Features

• AKABEiSOFT2’s first officially localized release
• A gripping criminal story and scenario by Loose boy
• Beautifully illustrated artwork and character design by Alpha
• 30-40+ hours of interactive story
• Steam Trading Cards

Steam Store Link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/377670/

[Video Game Review] Forget Me Not: My Organic Garden

Forgetmenot logoWhen it comes to the indie game front, Japanese doujin titles are probably my most favorite to observe. Usually known for putting together some harebrained ideas (like any creator) that should never seem to work out, I’m glad that they oddly do and really remind me why I like and play games in the first place. So why not make a game about growing plants? In an oversimplified nutshell that is the premise of Forget Me Not: My Organic Garden, a tale that follows a girl named Organa, that is working as an apprentice at her master Irene’s shop that specializes in growing plants…that produce organs instead of fruit? Yeah, told you it would be out there, but that is apart of its charm.

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[Visual Novel Review] fault milestone two side: above

Fault milestone 2 boxThe odyssey home to the Kingdom of Rughzenhaide continues in the science fantasy kinetic novel fault milestone two. With new characters entering the fray and a host of other problems following Ritona and the group, getting back home becomes far more complicated this time around, but the process of doing so is one filled with tenderness and emotional catharsis.

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[Visual Novel Review] Nekopara Vol. 0

NekoparaVol0-titleNekopara Vol. 0 is a quick and jolly little diversion from main series, but is this diversion a good enough substitute until the Vol. 2 or better off dodging all together?

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[Visual Novel Review] Icebound

Icebound LogoDeveloped by Fastermind Games, Icebound is described as a “steampunk fantasy visual novel and puzzle game” hybrid as it follows the journey of a young alchemist named Dougal taking on a job in the city of Isenbarr that turns out to be a hunt for a dangerous fiend. With other alchemist taking on the job for the tempting reward offered, a fierce  competition ensues – one that Dougal needs to win for his own sake. Drawing me in based on the genres incorporated alone, did that sentiment transfer over to the entire experience?

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The Tsukinon Fundraiser: Please Donate & Share

Hiyoko Soft - Sakura No Sora To Kimi No Koto by Tsukinon

Hiyoko Soft’s – Sakura No Sora To Kimi No Koto Art and Character Designs by Tsukinon

I rarely do these kind of post, but since I respect and love those that contribute to the visual arts and want to support them every way I can, I felt like this is something that should to be shared. Thanks to Sekai Project for passing the news along:


On April 25th 2015, Tsukinon (月音), a Japanese artist who works with game companies Hiyoko-soft and La’cryma, was victim of a fire which burned down his home workspace. While he escaped safely, all he is left with is his cellphone, work bag, and bicycle. For him to return to a stable life and his illustration work, we’ve opened an English-language fund-raiser to support him.


If you wish to learn more about the fundraiser and even pitch in you can do so in the link provided below. Even if you aren’t exactly the biggest fan of visual novels or too keen on them, I do at least ask that you spread word and help one of the industry’s talent and human being get back on his feet. I will personally be donating soon and hope most of you will choose to follow suit.


Sekai Project Fundraiser: https://crowdfunding.sekaiproject.com/projects/fund-raiser-for-artist-tsukinon/