[Anime Review] Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

maoyuIn most fantasy tales, it is a common precept that when the hero defeats the demon lord, peace and harmony is restored to the world along with all problems plaguing it fading into the abyss. Endearing and timeless as the trope is, it doesn’t exactly make for riveting storytelling, but desirable in its own right. However, what if defeating the demon lord didn’t end the worlds problems and instead the hero and villain actually team up to find a solution to the underlying issue? Would the story still carry the same endearing mantle? From this simple shift the idea and premise of Winter’s 2013 Maoyuu Maou Yuusha (stylized as Mayou) is born, one that provides an interesting mix to the classic fantasy milieu, but also one that is something of a double-edge sword when it comes to doing it successfully.

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AKB0048 – An Awe-Inspiring And Creative Series

abk0048 next stage promo artwork

With the winter season finally coming to an peaceful end, it was probably none other than AKB0048 that made it rewarding. What once I thought was a joke of series for more insane marketing publicity of the namesake group of idols, became a guilty pleasure among guilty pleasures and ultimately, a every enjoyable and awe-striking  title. Out of all the series of the Winter Anime 2013 lineup, it is this one that I can oddly recommend for hopelessly generic reasons, but genuinely loved.

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