The Manga Under The Lens Project

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The sweltering summer heat and pursuit to stay cool always get me in a certain mood. The mood to do absolutely nothing! Often spending most of my time gaming or goofing often, I made it a ritual to read come August to prepare me for the school year. With those days long gone and finding manga, light novels, and the occasional book non-related to the aforementioned cross into my hands nowadays when free time permits, I decided to start the tradition anew with a different purpose and goal in mind. Finally getting ready to start my new job position in earnest this month and my time going back to what it was, I decided to do something I a little different for the rest of the year.


[Video Game Review] Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded

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<p style=”text-align:left;”>Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded offers players a trip to Gensokyo for a round of rougelike adventures. However, for returning players and newbies alike, is this bizarre journey worth the effort?</p>


Asteria’s Amazing Anime Collection: September-October 2017

Being long overdue for an update, I finally had some time to roundup the next set of titles for my anime collection. Without any further delay, here are the latest additions for September and October 2017.

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Reverse x Reverse Coming To Steam December 10th

Reverse x Reverse LogoAnnounced earlier today by Sekai Project, they will bringing developer desunoya’s action puzzle-platformer Reverse x Reverse to Steam on December 10th. Of course, as an extra special treat, the team will also be putting on a livestream of them playing it a few hours before release. Here are a few more details about the game and the event.

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Anime And Video Game Recommendations Pages Are Up

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Finally cleaned my desk, so it doesn’t look like this any more…

Took me awhile, but I finally finished work on my anime and video game recommendations…sort of. While the video game one is more or less the way I envisioned (yes, it will be more than RPG’s added), the anime one is still lacking…a lot. In the future, I will try to change the format of the latter (when time allows), but the contents will remain the same. Until then, you are free to check it out. I haven’t started on visual novels, but that will be next after I am completely satisfied with the anime one. The review archive is also come along swimmingly, yet need more time on that front. Have a lot of cleaning to get done in two days for company this weekend, so maybe once it is here, more time will fly into my lap and I can work on it. Anyway, you can find the anime and video game pages below or use the menus above. You are free to suggest things for either, but probably haven’t added it yet.

Anime Recommendations

Video Game Recommendations

RAY GIGANT Coming To North America & Europe In Spring 2016

RayGigant_KeyartThanks to the independent publisher acttil, RAY GIGANT for the Playstation Vita is due to release in North America and Europe in Spring 2016 and will be only available digitally on PSN. More details about the game (features, release date, etc) will announced at a later date, but if you’re looking forward to this DRPG…well, some of you will be in luck. For all attendees at PlayStation Experience 2015, you will get a chance to play the demo, so be sure to stop by acttil’s booth for an early preview and some hands-on time. Again, more information will be readily available at a later date.