Asteria’s Amazing Anime Collection: September-October 2017

Being long overdue for an update, I finally had some time to roundup the next set of titles for my anime collection. Without any further delay, here are the latest additions for September and October 2017.

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Reverse x Reverse Coming To Steam December 10th

Reverse x Reverse LogoAnnounced earlier today by Sekai Project, they will bringing developer desunoya’s action puzzle-platformer Reverse x Reverse to Steam on December 10th. Of course, as an extra special treat, the team will also be putting on a livestream of them playing it a few hours before release. Here are a few more details about the game and the event.

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Anime And Video Game Recommendations Pages Are Up

Computer desk

Finally cleaned my desk, so it doesn’t look like this any more…

Took me awhile, but I finally finished work on my anime and video game recommendations…sort of. While the video game one is more or less the way I envisioned (yes, it will be more than RPG’s added), the anime one is still lacking…a lot. In the future, I will try to change the format of the latter (when time allows), but the contents will remain the same. Until then, you are free to check it out. I haven’t started on visual novels, but that will be next after I am completely satisfied with the anime one. The review archive is also come along swimmingly, yet need more time on that front. Have a lot of cleaning to get done in two days for company this weekend, so maybe once it is here, more time will fly into my lap and I can work on it. Anyway, you can find the anime and video game pages below or use the menus above. You are free to suggest things for either, but probably haven’t added it yet.

Anime Recommendations

Video Game Recommendations

RAY GIGANT Coming To North America & Europe In Spring 2016

RayGigant_KeyartThanks to the independent publisher acttil, RAY GIGANT for the Playstation Vita is due to release in North America and Europe in Spring 2016 and will be only available digitally on PSN. More details about the game (features, release date, etc) will announced at a later date, but if you’re looking forward to this DRPG…well, some of you will be in luck. For all attendees at PlayStation Experience 2015, you will get a chance to play the demo, so be sure to stop by acttil’s booth for an early preview and some hands-on time. Again, more information will be readily available at a later date.


MangaGamer Opens Pre-Orders For Gahkthun Of The Golden Lightning

Gahkthun_Main VisualDeveloped by Liarsoft, Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning is one upcoming visual novel MangaGamer is bringing to English speaking fans before the year ends and set to arrive December 23rd. Preorders are live, so be sure to check it out if you want to secure your copy.

Lightning crackles in the sky. A lone man hovers, overlooking The Academia, an artificial island built by those seeking to reclaim the dark, foul sea. His name is Nikola Tesla, the one who will set this land right. With one assistant at his side, he shall face the council, overthrow the shadows in control, and rescue the unwitting students.

Will you brave the darkness with him? Enlighten the polluted night? Spark a revolution?

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[Anime Review] Sound! Euphonium

SoundEuph0Airing back during Spring 2015, Hibike! Euphonium or Sound! Euphonium is another original novel adaption and Kyoto Animation’s next foray into the school life genre dealing with music as central theme since K-ON. Of course, not as bright-eyed or wholly orientated on the slice-of-life front as the aforementioned, it does manage to tackle the story of what youth entails in a fairly interesting way from past productions. The question is how much of an impact does it make?

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G-senjou no Maou – The Devil on G-String Is Now Available On Steam

G-senjou_HeaderAs announced during their Otakon panel earlier in the year, G-senjou no Maou finally makes it way onto Steam courtesy of Sekai Project. What’s even better is that will be 30% off during the launch period, so you better act fast if you want a great deal on a equally great visual novel, if I do say so myself. (Just be sure to remember that Tsubaki is the best girl.)


A gripping tale of power, deviously-masterminded criminal activity, and an intricately woven web of plot-thickening schemes, players are placed into the shoes of Azai Kyousuke, the adopted son of an infamous Yakuza gangster. Kyousuke knows what he likes and lets absolutely nothing stand in his way in getting what he wants.

Referred to as God by his classmates, and the wickedly strict president of one of his father’s subsidiary corporations, Kyousuke often enjoys listening to classical music and “working” off a debt owed to his father. But when a beautiful girl named Usami Haru appears in town along with an international criminal known as “Maou,” they bring with them their cat-and-mouse game of plotting and intrigue.

G-senjou no Maou – The Devil on G-String Features

• AKABEiSOFT2’s first officially localized release
• A gripping criminal story and scenario by Loose boy
• Beautifully illustrated artwork and character design by Alpha
• 30-40+ hours of interactive story
• Steam Trading Cards

Steam Store Link:

SUPERBEAT: XONiC Impressions

Superbeat Xonic boxAs previously stated many times over, the rhythm game genre is one that is fairly new to me, but with having the willingness to play titles like Love Live School Idol Fest and Project Diva 2nd F, I have been slowly warming up to the prospect. With this year seeing the release of Persona 4 Dancing All Night and Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX in English-speaking territories, SUPERBEAT: XONiC is another upcoming one from developer Nurijoy and PM Studios. Yes, the same staff of DJMAX fame. Having the chance to play it ahead of the November 10th release thanks to the independent publisher Acttil, I am already seeing a lot to like about it….even though my performance is anything close to admirable.

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Examining The Horror Genre Of Anime

The days are getting shorter, nights of rest longer, and weather a little more chillier. Without a doubt, the fall season is certainly here and more specifically, the month of October. Usually being counted as the harbinger – calm before the storm if you will before the holiday season and impeding end of the year, it’s also a month in the U.S where Halloween is celebrated, a night where kids dress up in all manner of costumes as they go door-to-door to solicit for candy. Also being an occasion that commonly synonymous with the supernatural and occult (even though it has more roots in Catholicism and old harvest festivals), it has got me thinking a lot about the aspect of horror and how that interpretation differs in other regions of the world. Not being a fan of horror games, movies, and anything gory, I admit that I do like the idea and especially the interpretation that I have gleaned from most Japanese media. And if you couldn’t guess, my experience is closely linked to that of anime and manga, yet can say the analysis is somewhat more interesting.

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[Anime Review] Castle Town Dandelion

Castle Town Dandelion LogoOut of all the Summer 2015 anime I have viewed, Jōkamachi no Dandelion or Castle Town Dandelion is a scatterbrained comedy that oddly enough, offers wholesome entertainment – something that very few titles have managed to do for the season. Following the story of a royal family and its 9 supernatural ability wielding children vying for next in line to become king, that is about as outlandish or as pie in the sky as things can get. Bringing some flavor to the lineup, it also might be a better choice to what some fans might be looking for as far as moeblob series go.
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